NiceHash Has Added Support for CryptoNightHeavy and Lyra2z Algorithms

30 May

NiceHash has just announced the support and availability of the CryptoNightHeavy and Lyra2z algorithms on their platform. The new algorithms are showing that there is high interest in term of hashrate for crypto coins such as Sumokoin (SUMO), Haven (XHV) and Loki (LOKI) that use the CryptoNightHeavy mining algorithm as well as Zcoin (XZC) and GINcoin (GIN) that rely on Lyra2z, though there are other coins that use these two algorithms as well. So for users that need more hashrate to mine any of these coins or others that use the two newly added algorithms the marketplace is now open, the same goes for people that just want to sell their hashrate and get paid directly in Bitcoin (BTC) that can also take advantage from the new NiceHash support for CryptoNightHeavy and Lyra2z. On a side note, new crypto coin launches using either of these algorithms may now also be hammered with huge hashrates right from their launch if there are users renting big amounts of CryptoNightHeavy or Lyra2z hashpower, so have that in mind as well if you are always on the lookout for new coin launches.

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