156 THS Canaan Moose Bitcoin ASIC Miner Based on Avalon 841

19 Jun

Canaan’s Avalon ASIC miners do not seem to be getting much attention unlike Bitmain’s for example, but that doesn’t mean they do not have something new and interesting to show from time to time. Their latest creation Canaan Moose is an integrated Bitcoin ASIC miner solution that offers 156 THS SHA256 hashrate for BTC mining in a single package that is ready to be plugged in and start mining. The miner is based on twelve Avalon 841 that consume a total of 15480 Watts of power and the miner needs three phase power in the from of two IEC 60309 16A power connectors.

Canaan Moose Specifications:
– Hashrate: 156TH/s, -5% ~ +10% : Average 163.2
– Power Consumption: 15480W, +0% ~ +20% @ 13TH/s, 25°C, 93% PSU Efficiency, 12V AC, Wall-Plug
– Power Efficiency: 0.099J / GigaHash Wall-Plug
– Power Connectors: IEC 60309 16A x 2
– Rated Input Voltage: 365 ~ 418V
– Frequency: Smart Speed
– Network Connection: RJ45 Network Connector
– Operating Temperature: -5℃ ~ 30℃
– Air-intake Temperature: -5℃ ~ 30℃
– Dimensions: 890 x 450 x 725 cm
– Net weight: 140kg

The 156 THS Canaan Moose ASIC miner is priced at $9900 USD and comes with everything ready to be used, you just need to plug power and internet and set your mining pool and worker. No need to setup things using 12 separate ASIC miners, everything is ready to go with power supplies, network connectivity and miner control. It even seems to come cheaper than purchasing 12 separate miners, 12 power supplies and a miner controller, so it might be of interest to some larger scale miners as a ready to deploy solution… it is even stackable.

Fore more details about the 156 THS Canaan Moose Bitcoin ASIC Miner…

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5 Responses to 156 THS Canaan Moose Bitcoin ASIC Miner Based on Avalon 841


June 19th, 2018 at 22:53

yeah “new” but mega minus per day profit :D

that kind of asics are only for thoose who want mine bitcoins (or what ever 256), hold the coins and believe in future getting rich like hell ;P


June 20th, 2018 at 07:43

This would not be good for the US market where most 3 phase power is 208, 240, or 480 volts.


June 20th, 2018 at 13:25

hee, dont steal my nicknames y! ;D


June 21st, 2018 at 10:21

To that point It’s Better to Buy than mine

not worth

June 22nd, 2018 at 18:27

lol, ROI is 3 year+

You never make your money back…

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