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Our Conclusion About BTC Robot Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot

21 Feb


We have been testing the BTC Robot automated Bitcoin trading robot for a few days and we went for the Silver plan that gives you a downloadable version of the software to use on your own computer. We have already described some of the issues we’ve went through using that version as you can only install it on one computer and not move it to another later on (unless you contact the support and request you want to do that). We have also had some trouble making the automated trading software work properly on Windows, even though it should be supported. As a result we would recommend to go for the higher plans that will give you a cloud based version of the trading bot that you can access and use from different computers and that will be online all the time, so yo don’t have to keep your computer online 24/7 like you need to with the Silver Plan and the downloadable version.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the BTC Robot trading algorithm relies on data coming from MtGox and that exchange has been having some trouble lately and things are really crazy with the exchange rate there for the moment the market situation is preventing the bot from executing trades properly. That is precisely why we have decided to test another advertised feature of the software – 60 days money back guarantee. We have requested a full refund and now, 2 days later we have just received our payment back. We have used BTC to pay for the Silver Plan and we got BTC back in our account, though the amount is a bit less than what we have sent as apparently the payment processor takes into account the exchange rate at the time of payment and refund. The refund took about 2 days to process and us having back the money in our BTC wallet after making our full refund request as per the 60 day money back guarantee. So that works pretty good as well and it gives you the ability to test the BTC Robot automated Bitcoin trading robot for a few days and if you are not happy you can get your money back. Kind of works like a trial version, so you can test the software and if you are not happy with it to get your money back.

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