NiceHash and Excavator Now With Support for the X16R Algorithm

6 Jul

The X16R crypto algorithm introduced by RavenCoin (RVN) is getting more widely supported now that NiceHash has added support for users to sell and purchase X16R mining hashrate. Alogng with the support on the website for X16R the Excavator Nvidia GPU miner software developed by the service and also a part of their NiceHash Miner software also got support for the X16R algorithm. Apart for the new support of the X16R crypto algorithm, the Excavator miner also supports the following algorithms on more recent Nvidia GPUs: equihash, pascal, decred, sia, lbry, blake2s, daggerhashimoto, lyra2rev2, keccak, neoscrypt, cryptonightV7 and lyra2z as well as three dual mining modes: daggerhashimoto_decred, daggerhashimoto_sia and daggerhashimoto_pascal. Do note that the Excavator miner is a closed source miner available as a binary for Windows and Linux…

To download and try the latest version of the Excavator Nvidia GPU miner software…

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