New Faster Bytom (BTM) NebuTech BTMiner for Nvidia GPU Mining Rigs

12 Jul

The NebuTech BTMiner is the first Nvidia GPU miner for Bytom (BTM) and although the early versions were a bit problematic it is pretty stable now. Last month Bminer 9.0.0 got BTM support and it was faster in terms of hashrate, but the latest version of BTMiner NebuTech v5.1 is the fastest once more leaving the Antminer B3 Bytom ASIC miners in the dust in terms of performance. The Antminer B3 ASIC miner currently probably does just about half the hashrate of a single GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU. Unfortunately while the hashrate of Bytom (BTM) is increasing the price of the coins seems to be going down slowly at the moment. Then there is also the problem with the fact that there are BTM tokens as well as BTM coins and this also creates some confusion among users where and how to trade the different crypto assets.

To download the latest NebuTech BTMiner Bytom Nvidia GPU Miner v5.1 for Windows/Linux…

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1 Response to New Faster Bytom (BTM) NebuTech BTMiner for Nvidia GPU Mining Rigs


July 14th, 2018 at 20:20

Just my idea…

The Antminer B3 has 12 Sophon chips.
1 Sophon chip does 2TFlop tensority mining (Bytom)
So we can say the B3 does 24TFlop…

The Nvidia Titan V has a 112TFlop AI tensor on board.
This would be 4,5x the power of 1x Antminer B3
(GPU not counted, only the Tensor)

Just my idea, but IF somebody gets the Titan V mining Bytom using only the tensor part, maybe the GPU part for ETH 70MH, this would hell of a lot more efficient then the B3 and all nvidia gpu’s mining Bytom. This would be a killer!

Could this be done?

I am not a coder, but who knows if some smart boys are already doing this ;)

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