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HOdlcoin (HODL) is a relatively new experimental altcoin that can only be mined with the CPU for the moment using the coin’s wallet and although it is a PoW coin you get interest on your wallet balance and there is an option for deposit with even higher interest rate. The algorithm of the coin is made in a such way that early adopters holding their coins in the wallet get higher interest rates with the idea to attract more users resulting in a wider coin adoption for a shorter period of time. The regular interest rate is 5% APR, but with the extra bonuses and deposits the interest can grow exponentially. The deposits work in a way very similar to PoS, though there are some differences, your coins are locked for a period of your choice and the longer the deposit, the higher interest rate you get. To check the current interest rates and bonuses you can visit the HOdlcoin Interest Rate Calculator.


The coin uses 1GB AES Pattern Search Proof of Work algorithm that involves filling up RAM with pseudo-random data, and then conducting a search for the start location of an AES encrypted data pattern in that data. Pattern Search is an evolution of the ProtoShares Momentum PoW, first used in MemoryCoin and later modified for use in CryptoNight (Monero, Bytecoin), Ethash (Ethereum). For the moment you can only mine HODL coins with your CPU via the wallet, there is no separate miner available yet or a pool where you can mine the coin. This means that you will have to run a separate HOdlcoin wallet on every computer where you want to be able to mine the coin and since it is solo mining luck can also play big role in how much you might be able to mine.

HOdlcoin CPU Mining Performance:
– Intel Celeron G1820 Dual-Core at 2.7 GHz – 13 H/s
– Intel Core i7 58020K Hexa-Core at 3.3 GHz – 202 H/s

HOdlcoin Specifications:
– Ticker: HODL
– Symbol: Ħ
– Block Time: 154 seconds
– Subsidy: 50 HODL subsidy per block
– Halving: Every 4 years
– Mining Supply:Total of 81,962,100 HODL will be mined
– Interest Supply: Between 150,000,000 and 500,000,000 HODL will be paid in interest to HODLers
– Fair launch: No Premine/Instamine/Ninja/100 initial 1 HODL blocks
– Proof of Work: 1GB AES Pattern Search POW
– Port: 1989
– RPC Port: 11989
– Testnet Port: 8989

HOdlcoin Exchanges:


Mining calculators help miners to easily calculate what will be the profit with their available hashrate for a given period taking into account thing such as network difficulty and price of a given crypto coin. There is an easy to use and simple Decred mining calculator available that can give you an idea on how much coins you can expect to mine in a day, month and year with your hashrate. It can be quite helpful for people mining with GPUs to consider what currency is more profitable to mine at the moment and how much they may be able to earn mining Decred. Most people are well aware that at the moment Ethereum (ETH) is probably the most profitable to mine with GPUs, however Decred is not that far behind and you can easily compare your expected profit with Decred if you are currently mining Ethereum.

There are some GPUs that do not meet the minimum requirements that Ethereum has such as the availability of at least 2 GB of video memory, or the performance may not be very good for mining ETH with the specific video card. Such is the case with Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti, a popular lower-end Nvidia-bssed GPU for mining that does not do very well with Ethereum, but can do quite good with Decred as a good alternative. So our advice is to give Decred a go, especially if you have some GPUs that are not OK for Ethereum mining for various reasons. Do note however that Decred is heavier on GPU and has a higher power usage compared to Ethereum, so the power cost is also a bit higher.

In the example screenshot above we see that a single GTX 970 GPU doing around 1300 MHS mining Decred should give you around 1.87 DCR per day or about $4.6189 USD equivalent with the current conditions. For the sake of comparison running the numbers through an Ethereum mining calculator for that same GTX 970 GPU we get 0.476424 ETH or about $5.13 USD per day, so the difference in terms of profitability is not that big as we have already explained.

To check your expected DCR mining profit with the Decred Mining Calculator…


While the work on an official Decred GUI wallet is still going on we are getting interesting new unofficial alternatives popping up, after the release of the DecredJWallet now we have another Java=based GUI wallet for Decred (DCR) available. The new GUI wallet (source) looks quite nice in terms of interface and offers a bit of extra functionality as compared to DecredJWallet, but do note that both are still in beta and there could still be some bugs needing to be fixed. Still, the GUI wallets for Decred are making things much easier especially for novice users that are not very fond of using console commands. We know all too well that in order for a crypto currency to be successful it needs to be widespread and easy to be used by as many users and relying only on console clients is certainly not the best thing. But then again it also takes some time for things to be developed, especially when you are not just cloning an existing codebase, but are developing something new as is the case with Decred (DCR).

To download and try the latest release of the new Java-based Decred GUI wallet…