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TradingView – one of the most widely used charting platform by traders worldwide, not only crypto traders, has started charting the impact of the coronavirus COVID-19. As a response to the ongoing global health crisis affecting millions of people worldwide in over 150 countries the new COVID-19 charts add ways to show the extent of the emergency through data visualization. Drawing on real-time data collected by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University there is now a dashboard of lightweight charts, showing the number of infections, deaths and recoveries, broken down by country.

There are also a number of coronavirus tickers available now on TradingView, so you will now be able to add COVID-19 stats (both global and for a specific country) right on the platform and manipulate the data how you like. For example, you’ll be able to plot the rate of infection in America against the S&P 500 Index. You can find all the symbols related to the virus outbreak if you start typing COVID19: into the symbol search bar. These include the number of confirmed cases, people who have recovered and deaths for each country, plus the total number of all case types across the world. Regardless if you want it or not, global pandemics such as the current coronavirus COVID-19 cause panic in people and markets and traders do take up opportunities like these to make more money.

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The recent controversy surrounding STEEM and the Seemit project after it has been acquired by Justin Sun, followed by a decision of a large group of Steem community members to fork it to an independent project has been made and it is now a fact – meet HIVE. Today HIVE was born forking from STEEM carrying on most of the current state of the STEEM blockchain, but also becoming totally independent after the fork. Aside from the content and users at the point of time the blockchain snapshot has been made, their STEEM balances have been transferred to HIVE as 1:1 ratio with exchanges trading STEEM hopefully going t be doing the same, especially if they do plan to support HIVE.

There are currently over 30 experienced developers contributing to the new ecosystem, alongside many committed community members working on multiple aspects of Hive. These individuals may announce their participation through their own accounts in the future. This a true community effort, and therefore is open to all. Hive will remain open source, and open to everyone who wants to contribute to the future development of the blockchain.

If you had a STEEM account prior to the fork happening today,then most likely you will have a HIVE account as well, you can login in both platforms to check and also confirm your content and coin holdings are there as well. From now on, if you register at either of the platforms you will have an account only on one of them, you need to register on both to be able to use them as they are going their separate ways after the successful fork.

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Just a reminder that on December 7th, at block number 9069000, Ethereum (ETH) will execute the first phase of its Istanbul hard fork (a little more than 19000 blocks as of writing this). Earlier the hard fork was scheduled to happen today on 4th of December at block 9056000, but the date has been pushed back a bit. The second phase of the hard fork is scheduled for early 2020, though no exact date has been announced yet. The first phase of the Istanbul hard fork is not going to be changing anything related to the PoW mining algorithm hat the project uses at the moment, after the fork Ethereum will still be mined using the Ethash algorithm. The second phase for early next year though will bring a change in the mining algorithm from Ethash to the ProgPow algorithm, rendering the current Ethash ASIC miners useless for Ethereum mining (there are other Ethash cryptos out there though). To see the list of EIPs included in the fork (Ethereum Improvement Proposals). Make sure you upgrade your Ethereum local node if you are running one before the fork occurs in order to avoid possible problems.

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