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Just a reminder that on December 7th, at block number 9069000, Ethereum (ETH) will execute the first phase of its Istanbul hard fork (a little more than 19000 blocks as of writing this). Earlier the hard fork was scheduled to happen today on 4th of December at block 9056000, but the date has been pushed back a bit. The second phase of the hard fork is scheduled for early 2020, though no exact date has been announced yet. The first phase of the Istanbul hard fork is not going to be changing anything related to the PoW mining algorithm hat the project uses at the moment, after the fork Ethereum will still be mined using the Ethash algorithm. The second phase for early next year though will bring a change in the mining algorithm from Ethash to the ProgPow algorithm, rendering the current Ethash ASIC miners useless for Ethereum mining (there are other Ethash cryptos out there though). To see the list of EIPs included in the fork (Ethereum Improvement Proposals). Make sure you upgrade your Ethereum local node if you are running one before the fork occurs in order to avoid possible problems.

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The anonymous organization Unknown Fund has announced that it intends to invest and donate $75 million USD in Bitcoin (BTC) to startups which directly or indirectly support the idea of anonymity. Preference will be given to the following niches: protection of personal data, tools for anonymity, cryptocurrency and blockchain. The organizers of the fund are ordinary, anonymous people from different countries who met on the 4chan English-language imageboard.

The Unknown Fund sees the protection of personal data as one of the main challenges for modern man. The use of data has already become a powerful tool for manipulating people. The effectiveness of this tool is both amazing and frightening. The manipulation of people occurs not only in big politics, but also in our daily lives. A perfect example is the level of addiction that the general population has to social networks – addiction orchestrated and achieved by corporations.

The Unknown Fund also sees incredible opportunities to protect the rights and freedoms of people that technology such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies give us. This is a chance for humanity to create a new environment, a new and honest monetary system, and to make the world a better place.

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The CoinGecko crypto ranking services has added a new Crypto Derivatives raking to their website. The new CoinGecko Derivatives section features vital metrics for derivatives products such as perpetual swaps and futures. In traditional financial markets, the derivatives market is huge, with the total notional amounts outstanding for contracts estimated at over $500 trillion. The crypto derivatives market holds tremendous potential yet to be realized, so having a tool to help you track crypto derivatives data could really be helpful and CoinGecko is doing a great job providing you with one.

The new Derivatives page offers an overview listing all cryptocurrency derivatives products, first segregated by product type (perpetual swaps, futures, and soon options as well), and then sorted by open interest and trading volume. There is also a handy little chart for you to quickly compare Dominance in terms of open interest and trading volume of each product. After that follows the Derivatives exchange overview that offers an aggregated view of all derivatives exchanges in one table, sorted by open interest. On the Exchanges pages now you also have a Derivatives listing that offers an aggregated view of all derivatives exchanges in one table, sorted by open interest. Also now looking at the profile page for each individual exchange you can see Derivatives data with key metrics such as open interest and trading volume for it.

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