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It seems that one of the earlier large Bitcoin mining pools that was trusted by many home miners over the last few years is going to be closing down at the end of this month. BTC Guild will be shutting down its mining servers on June 30th, 2015 at 23:59 UTC. Users will still be able to log in and retrieve their history and request withdrawals until September 30, 2015. According to Eleuthria, the pool operator, the main reason for making this decision was one one side the high costs for operating the pool as well as the recently finalized NYDFS BitLicense regulations that can put BTC Guild at risk. The pool will be closing down for sure and it is not going to be available for sale to another operator due to concern over user privacy and security.

This is sad new for many people that have used BTC Guild over the years and still continue to mine at their favorite and trustworthy pool. Unfortunately with more and more mining power getting focused in large industrial mining farms mostly in Asia things are not going to get better for other pools such as BTC Guild where mostly small home-based miners gather. This is also the reason while the percentage of the Bitcoin network total hashrate in pools like BTC Guild (only about 3% currently) has been steadily decreasing. In its prime time BTC Guild has managed to reach about 40% of the total network hashrate back in 2013, but now things are looking quite different and unfortunately not much in faour for the small home miners.


The online Bitcoin exchange Kraken has just introduced a new feature called Dark Pool that allows clients to discreetly place large Bitcoin orders and execute against similar sized orders at potentially better prices. The Kraken dark pool is an order book not visible to the rest of the market. Each trader only knows their own orders. Traders can anonymously place large buy or sell orders without revealing their interest to other traders. Typically, outsized orders, when seen by other traders will cause the market to move unfavorably, making it more difficult to fill the order at the desired price. This unfavorable price movement may be avoided in a dark pool.

Kraken will charge an extra 0.1% for dark orders. Dark pool trading is available to all Kraken clients with accounts verified to Tier 2 or higher. The minimum dark order size is 50 Bitcoins and only limit orders are supported. The dark pool will accept orders for trading between Bitcoins and EUR, USD, JPY or GBP. Dark pool pairings are designated by a “.d” extension (e.g. XBT/EUR.d or XBT/USD.d).


The chart above shows an estimation of the Bitcoin hashrate distribution amongst the largest mining pools according to the Blockchain website. It might not be 100% accurate, but should give you a good idea about the situation and what are the trends. It is clearly visible that over 50% of the network hashrate is concentrated in four main pools – F2Pool, AntPool, BTCChina Pool and These are the largest Chinese pools and though some users from all around the world could be mining there as well, the reason for them having such big part of the total hashrate is most likely due to the fact that probably most large Asian-based mining operations are using them. The situation with previously quite big European or US-based mining pools is currently not so favorable and this is probably a direct result from the fact that home mining is getting less and less attractive for users and things are moving more to large scale industrial mining operations.

We wan to to turn your attention to the KnCMiner mining pool that currently has about 5% of the total Bitcoin network hashrate and it apparently the fifth largest Bitcoin mining pool. it is important to note this fact as the pool is not open to anyone to mine in it, it is essentially a private mining pool where KnC is mining for themselves as the company no longer sells mining hardware to end users or other mining farms. KnCMiner is now a “Bitcoin transaction processing technology provider” instead of just Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer, and they have just recently announced their plans to build more datacenters and deploy their new 16nm ASIC chips. This means that KnC will continue to grow their capacity and their mining power especially now that they have probably the fastest and most efficient ASIC available only for themselves.

To see a more up to date chart on the current Bitcoin pool hashrate distribution…