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GPU miners currently mining Ethereum Classic (ETC) on AMD Radeon RX 470/480 and 570/580 GPUs under Windows might start getting a weird low performance on their first mining video card while other GPUS seem to be performing as usual. The reason for that is pretty simple even though we are still far from the 4GB DAG limit, with current ETC #337 DAG Epoch supposed to take 3.63 GB according to Claymore’s miner… the first GPU uses more video memory as it needs to display the operating system GUI, unlike the rest that are just mining. As a result when using Windows the first GPU takes something like 140-150 MB more video memory on top of the other ones that are just mining, so with that the actually used video memory gets closer to the 4GB limit and instead of 20-30 MH/s you might be getting just 1-2 MH/s for the first GPU and soon it might even stop working.

Normally the rest of the GPUs should take around 3745 MB video memory at the moment according to GPU-Z while the first one about 3890 MB/s and after a bit of mining that number may increase a bit apparently. 8GB RX GPUs do take up a little bit more video memory at the moment apparently, but for them it is not a problem at all, they have more than enough video memory for the moment. What you can do to resolve the problem if you do not with to switch to Linux mining? Well, if your CPU has a built-in GPU and the motherboard can properly use it along with 6-8 or more mining GPUs you can try enabling it and using it as a main video card for Windows and thus free more resources and extend the time you have available for mining Ethereum Classic problem-free. Switching to Lunix-based OS such as Hive OS for instance might also help extending the live of your ETC mining rig with 4GB AMD RX GPUs as Linux generally takes up less resources than Windows.

For the moment Ethereum Classic (ETC) is still leading over Ethereum (ETH) with about 10 DAG Epochs, so the same problem will appear for 4GB mining GPUs that are mining ETH pretty soon as well. For now reduced performance for the first GPU only, or it stopping to mine at all, but not too long after that the 4GB limit would be problematic for all of the video cards with 4GB VRAM as the the DAG size continues to grow. Bitmain has recently addressed a similar issue with their Antminer E3 miners by releasing an updated firmware to free up a bit more memory as these miners also have just 4GB usable memory and thus extend their life for a couple more months for ETC and ETH mining at least.

Here is something interesting from the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute in the form of a list with popular persons who are also Bitcoin Skeptics talking publicly about why Bitcoin will fail or has no future from as early as April 2011. Now what would’ve happened if thee people started buying just $1 USD worth of Bitcoin every day since the day that they made their bold claims against the crypto currency? For instance Peter Schiff could have invested just $3210 USD and had 100 BTC that could now be worth a bit shy of $700K USD. Of course much more recent skeptics like Steven Mnuchin and Tendayi Kapfidze could have actually lost some dollars if they did that. It is an interesting information to check. You can of course do some estimation what could’ve you accumulated in BTC and what their value could be now if you started doing just that back in 2011.

To check the The Skeptics – A Tribute to Bold Assertions by Satoshi Nakamoto Institute…

There is one more incentive for anyone willing to switch their CPU/GPU mining hardware from crypto mining to helping the Folding@Home in their fight against COVID-19 coming from the Crypto-Games Team who are giving away 0.5 BTC to join their Folding@Home team. In order to be able to participate in this incentive you need to use the following team number in your Folding@Home client – 247983 in order for your stats to be tracked.

Starting right now and until the end of April or until they run out of rewards, there will be a team competition for most Credits completed within the Folding@home team. The prize pool is 0.50 BTC for this event, all prizes will be dealt via the tipping feature on the Crypto.Games website, so if you do not have an account yet, you would need to sign up for one. You need to post your F@H username and CG username in a dedicated thread on the Bitcointalk forum or in Crypto.Games Discord server in order to be assigned to one of three squads, then for every 100k credits you complete while folding, you will get 0.0001 BTC or an altcoin equivalent.

The maximum reward for one user is at 0.01 BTC, which can be reached with 10 Million credits accumulated in F@H, though continuing after that will still contribute to your group’s total. In addition to the individual rewards, you and your squad will compete against the other groups for the most combined Credits. The first placed squad gets 0.06 BTC, the second gets 0.03 BTC, and the last gets 0.01 BTC. Rewards are distributed evenly for each and every member of the group, assuming they did complete 5 or more Work Units. Furthermore 0.05 BTC will be rewarded with lottery tickets to users that participate, but do not have a lot of computing power.

Apart from donating your computing power for free, or taking part in this incentive, you can also earn CureCoin (CURE) as well as earn Banano (BAN). So there you have multiple options to both help with the coronavirus fight and at the same time also earn some crypto in order to at least cover some part of the electricity costs of your mining hardware… or if you just need some extra incentive.

For more details about the currently running CG Folding@Home competition…