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OnChainFX is an interesting free service giving you an interesting and useful research tool for different crypto assets with an option to choose what type of information to be shown for the supported coins/tokens. Currently the service lists a little over 100 crypto assets, but be wary it is not a crypto coin or token listing service where you pay to get your project listed, the available assets are being hand selected. Besides obvious indicators such as price and current market capitalization, the service has some interesting information such as Y2050 marketcap and much more statistical data that you can enable to be shown additionally to help you in your research of a coin or token listed in the service. There is useful information such as all time high (ATH) or days since ATH, GitHub development activity tracking, ROI by year and others. We recommend that you give it a try when looking for some new potentially interesting crypto projects to get into. The fact that everything is in the red now in the world of crypto should not stop you from looking deeper into new potential game changing projects that you can take part in.

To check out the OnChainFX cryptoasset rankings and metrics service for some useful information…

Hive OS 2.0 is coming soon and it will apparently replace the existing first version of the Linux-based GPU mining platform. Although the changes are mostly on the web-based front end, so the Linux OS on the rig is not going to need to be necessarily changed initially, although updates with new features to that will probably follow as well. All user accounts are going to be migrated automatically, in fact you can use your existing Hive OS account to login in the Hive OS 2.0 public test website, but after the migration happens any changes in it will be wiped out wit the data from your old Hive OS 1 account. Migration will happen in a couple of days, though no exact date has been announced yet.

If you want to move a mining rig to the Hive OS 2.0 to test it thre you will need to update the Hive host url to the one of the public beta, you can easily do that by running the following command on the mining rig:
sed -i 's/^HIVE_HOST_URL=.*/' /hive-config/rig.conf && hell

To switch back to the original Hive the command is this one:
sed -i 's/^HIVE_HOST_URL=.*/' /hive-config/rig.conf && hello

Here you can login and check the new Hive 2.0 public test version if you are interested…

With the current low prices of altcoins and low mining profit in general it is always a good idea to check for potential new coins – either new releases or ones that have higher profit at the moment. So a new profitability mining calculator is always handy to have, especially if it offers more algorithms and supports more coins that other more established and well know such services. ShitToMine is a new such service that offers a more extensive mining calculator, covering more mining algorithms, including even some CPU ones as well as with more coins – over 300 being tracked at the moment.

There are presets for automatically setting hashrate and power usage for the latest generation of Nvidia GPUs, though unfortunately not available for all of the supported algorithms, so you will still need to fill in some values manually. Unfortunately no option for CPU algorithms or AMD GPUs at the moment to help you with hashrate and power in order to calculate profitability easier, you have to do it manually. Do note that there is also a section for ASIC miners with algorithms for the ones available where you also need to manually fill in hashrate and performance.

There is apparently more work needed to be done, it is still beta version, but it looks promising and can be useful, so we do recommend that you give it a try and see if you may find something useful as information and that goes not only for the mining calculator.

For more information and to try out the ShitToMine Mining Calculator…