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KopiemTu is an interesting project that aims to make it easy for people with Nvidia-based video cards such as GTX 750 Ti for example to be able to start mining crypto currencies under Linux. KopiemTu is based on Kubuntu and comes in the form of a bootable image that you can put on an 8 GB or more USB flash drive and directly boot from it, no need to install it. It includes Nvidia drivers and CudaMiner compiled for Linux, so as soon as you boot it you can start mining. There is also a simple web-based monitoring service available that you can watch remotely without having to login to the Linux machine to check the status.

And while KopiemTu is not yet like BAMT or SMOS Linux mining distributions it still makes it easier for people that are not very familiar with Linux to start mining. What is kind of missing at the moment is an easy way to configure and use the live distribution without having to rely on console commands. When you start you are presented with an empty desktop and an icon only for the console, but no easy to use icons to automate the most common tasks, you still need to go to the console, switch to root user and edit a configuration file to set your pool settings (config files stored in /etc/kopiemtu/). Even a wallpaper with the most common things you need as commands or a ReadMe file on the desktop would be nice for new users.

What you need to know to get you started is that the root password is live, and you start and stop the mining by typing the “mine start” command in the console, after setting your settings in the config file for the pool you want to mine in. with “monitor start” you are activating the web-based monitoring that you can see from a web browser by typing the IP address of the system. The good thing is that since CudaMiner does support most of the crypto coins algorithms you are easily able to configure settings for different coins without having to recompile something for example. The only problem that is common under Linux and is also present here is the overclocking of the GPUs, the solution to that problem is to modify the video BIOS with the overclocked frequencies and flash it on the video card(s), so that the right settings will be applied all the time.

For more information and to download and try the KopiemTu Linux live mining distribution….


Last week, together with our partners GAWMiners, we have started a photo contest that gives you the chance to win a 5-chip Gridseed ASIC miner each week during the month of April. The first week has already passed and we have chosen the first winner, the theme for the photo contest was the Strangest Place to Mine.


Our first winner is Javier Martin Fernadez, who has submitted some really interesting photos and really had chosen the strangest place to mine among all of the photos we have received. He will be contacted shortly by GAW Miners to arrange the shipping of the prize to him. Here is what he has sent as description along with the photos about the place he used to mine in:

This is the strangest place to mine that I found. It’s an old pit used in the 60’s for a blacksmith in his work. Now is full of work material, the perfect place where to put a miner to work. I hope you enjoy the photos.


If you have had a better idea, but did not submit it, don’t worry you will have three more chances to win a Gridseed ASIC Miner during the month of April. The second week of our photo contest has started and we have a new theme, Neat as a Pin (tidiest cabling of mining rigs). So don’t miss your chance to win 5-chip Gridseed ASIC miner this week and remember, if you don’t participate you cannot win for sure.

Send your week 2 photo contest entries here in order to get a chance to win a Gridseed ASIC miner…


Just a reminder to submit your entries in our ongoing photo contest for a chance to win a 5-chip Gridseed ASIC miner provided by our partners GAWMiners. All you have to do is submit a photo showing the Strangest Place to Mine and you could get an ASIC miner as a reward this week, furthermore you could also play and win in the next three weeks of April as well by participating in the photo contest as each week there will be a different theme of the contest and another Gridseed ASIC device as a prize. So do not miss your chance this week, you still have a few days to submit your entry.

Submit your photo contest entries here in order to get a chance to win a Gridseed ASIC miner…