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Some good news for the AMD miners that want to mine SpreadCoin (SPR), there is a new fork of sgminer by girino (source) that increases significantly the performance for AMD OpenCL miners. We have compiled a windows binary from the source and on our test AMD Radeon R9 280X we’ve managed to get about 1.9 MHS with the new miner without overclocking the GPU. Increasing the intensity f the miner further than 20 could also help you get some more hashrate out of the GPU, do note however that this is a development version and it may not be very stable or problem free. While not quite as fast as Nvidia GPUs for mining SpreadCoin this is a good improvement over the previously available OpenCL miner. Have in mind that SpreadCoin (SPR) needs to be solo mined as it does not support pools, so you need to setup your wallet for solo mining and need to connect the miner to the wallet. This means no shares and you will know only when you find a block and that may take a while, depending on your luck, as the SPR difficulty is already quite high. Still, as we’ve got a request for a windows binary of the above OpenCL miner for AMD, you can download it from the link below and try what hashrate you will get with this performance improved miner.

To download the new sgminer fork for SpreadCoin by girino for Windows OS…


We have compiled a windows binary from the latest code of the ccMiner 1.5-git SP-MOD fork of the Nvidia miner optimized for Maxwell GPUs by SP (source). This miner includes the latest features available from tpruvot’s fork of ccMiner such as extra nonce support, however the main difference is that it is a version designed to provide the maximum performance on Maxwell-based Nvidia GPUs using Compute 5.0 (GTX 750, GTX 750 Ti) and Compute 5.2 (GTX 970 and GTX 980). If you are using an older Nvidia-based video card for mining crypto currencies you might want to stick with the tpruvot’s ccMiner fork that works with cards supporting Compute 3.0 or newer. The optimizations by SP do provide some extra hashrate and our test has shown a bit higher performance as compared to the latest code from tpruvot, testing with GTX 980 at stock frequency on X11 algorithm we are getting about 7900 KHS or slightly faster with the SP fork. The windows binary was compiled from the latest source with VS2013 and uses CUDA 6.5,s o make sure you have the latest video drivers installed.

To download the latest ccMiner for Maxwell version 1.5-git by SP for Windows OS…


We have compiled a windows binary from the latest (source) of ccMiner 1.5-git fork by tpruvot as he has added support for the Extra Nonce feature used by services such as NiceHash or WestHash to maximize the mining performance. So if you are currently leasing your Nvidia GPU mining hashrate at NiceHash or WestHash you might want to try out the latest code of this ccMiner fork. Do note that there is still no official release of 1.5 by tpruvot and this windows binary is compiled from the latest source available on GitHub. There are also some increases in performance as compared to the previous release, so you should notice a slightly better hashrate in some algorithms. The windows binary available for download below is compiled for Compute 3.0, 3.5, 5.0 and 5.2 Nvidia GPUs using VS2013 and CUDA 6.5, so make sure you have updated your drivers if you still don’t have ones installed with CUDA 6.5 support.

To download the latest ccMiner version 1.5-git by tpruvot for Windows OS (CUDA 6.5)…