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A new version of the ccMiner software for mining Heavycoin, Fuguecoin and the Groestlcoin crypto currencies and other alternative crypto coins that use the same algorithms on Nvidia GPUs has been released. The new version 0.4 of ccMiner improves support for Groestlcoin (GRS), so that you can now pool mine the coin and not just solo mine it. There is also an improvement that should allow people mining Heavycoin that had problems with 0.2 and 0.3 versions crashing to use the new release properly. There are no performance improvements in the new release, so if you are mining HVC with the first release you can continue to do so and if you are mining for Groestlcoin, then you better update to the latest version. You can download the windows binaries of the latest ccMiner below, and you can get the source and compile it yourself if you wish to or you use Linux.

To download the latest CCminer 0.4 with Groestlcoin support for Windows OS…


Christian Buchner, the author of the CudaMiner software for mining popular alternative crypto currencies on Nvidia-based GPUs has just released an update for the software CCminer with the new version 0.3 adding support for Groestlcoin (GRS) using the Groestl algorithm. Note that at the moment the Groestlcoin does not have any pools available, so the only way to mine it is solo mining with the wallet for the coin. There are currently also no exchanges available for the GRS crypto, though we will probably soon have some appearing as the coin is already generating some interest, though we might skip on mining this one. The crypto is also supported for GPU mining on AMD hardware with a special miner software, below you can also download the latest version of sph-sgminer we have compiled for windows with support for Groestlcoin (GRS).

To download the latest CCminer 0.3 with Groestlcoin support for Windows OS…
To download the latest sph-sgminer 4.1.0 with Groestlcoin support for Windows OS…


There is a new fork of cgminer for the Gridseed 5-chip GC3355 ASIC devices that we have compiled for windows (source) that you can download below, it is based on the previous version by dbartle, but adds some useful extra functions for people with multiple ASICs. You get to set the operating frequencies of the ASIC at a smaller steps from 700 to 1088 MHz, below is the full list of supported frequencies:

700, 706, 713, 719, 725, 731, 738, 744, 750, 756, 763, 769, 775, 781, 788, 794, 800, 813, 825, 838, 850, 863, 875, 888, 900, 913, 925, 938, 950, 963, 975, 988, 1000, 1013, 1025, 1038, 1050, 1063, 1075, 1088.

Also you are able to set different operating frequency for each device by giving the devices’ serial number and operating frequency, below is an example:

--gridseed-freq 6D9426984857=988,6D9656774857=975,6D8956965251=975

This can help you maximize the hashrate that you get from all of the devices you have, though it will need some time to figure out what is the best frequency for each of your ASICs. You can normally see the serial number of a device after the GSD X, this also works with both the newer and older revisions, the only difference is the serial number you will see (0001 for the older vs something like 6D8956965251 for the newer devices). Note that you should be able to set a general frequency and only change some of the miners operating frequency with their serials.

You can download cgminer 3.7.2 ALT for Gridseed ASICs on Windows OS here…