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If you are mining GroestlCoin (GRS) with AMD GPUs, you might want to check out this new fork of sgminer called grs-sgminer by srcxxx that comes with optimized kernel for higher performance for mining GRS and DiamondCoin (source). Do note that the miner may not work on older AMD GPUs and the performance may vary based on the video driver version you are using, people are reporting various results with different drivers. The windows binary we have compiled and provide below did give us a performance of about 15 MHS on a Radeon R9 280x GPU running the latest beta drivers 14.6 from AMD, but your results may vary. You are welcome to try it out and report your performance and experience with different GPUs and driver version in the comments below.

You can download the new higher performance grs-sgminer binaries compiled for Windows OS here…


The new fork of bfgminer with support for ZeusMiner’s Scrypt ASICs (Litecointalk development topic) that we have told you about a few days ago is seeing some nice development. The fork that is compatible with ZeusMiner, GAWMiners and Hashra Zeus-based Scrypt ASICs has been updated to bfgminer 4.2.1 and the driver has been reworked a bit including some changes to the command line options that are no longer the same as the initial cgminer release with support for ZeusMiner ASICs.

The latest release even has an option to “override” the maximum frequency of 382 MHz that the ZeusMiner ASICs are apparently limited to, however this only overrides the software check, but does not actually make the miner work at higher frequency (the 382 MHz maximum might be a hardware limitation). Also do note that there might be some issues running multiple miners in a single instance, so you might need to run 5 or more units in a single miner per instance of bfgminer configuration.

Below you can find a windows binary of the bfgminer 4.2.1 that you can try, just make sure to set the right number of chips depending on your miner model as well as the virtual COM port at which the miner is detected. The recommended operating frequency still seems to be 328 MHz for most people as a good balance in terms of performance and HW error rate, though you are welcome to play with it.

You can download the new bfgminer 4.2.1 ZeusMiner binaries for Windows OS here…


There is now a new fork of sph-sgminer by djm34 optimized for higher performance for the NIST5 algorithm used by Talkcoin (source) that relies on the same kernel optimization method used by the x11mod fork by lasybear. This new fork of sgminer does improve significantly the performance you can get and our tests have shown that with it we are getting about 7 MHS hashrate mining TalkCoin (TAC) on Radeon R9 280X up from about 4 MHS with the previously available sgminer for TalkCoin that we have tried. We have compiled a windows binary from the source, so you can download and try it yourself as well and you might want to be fast while the price of TAC is still quite high.

You can download sgminer 4.1.0 with optimized NIST5 support for Windows OS here…