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GPU Coin (GPUC) is a new Scrypt-Adaptive-Nfactor cryptocoin that just recently launched and being a ScryptN crypto coin and not a standard Scrypt crypto simply means that you need to use another miner that supports the coin algorithm. If you haven’t mined for VertCoin, then you might not have used the vertcoin miner which is essentially a fork of cgminer with support for Scrypt-Adaptive-Nfactor crypto currency mining. Below you can find and download vertminer 0.5.3 for mining GPU Coin on windows and start mining as soon as GPUC reaches its 2600th block. This will happen in a few hours and you should start mining the coin only after block 2600, because the blocks before that are all with a reward of 1 GPUC. Starting from block 2600 the per solved block reward will go all the way up to the standard reward of 20000 GPUC, so no reason to start mining before block 2600, unless you just want to test and be sure that everything has been setup and works. Note that when mining for Scrypt-Adaptive-Nfactor crypto currencies such as GPU Coin you will see lower hashrate like for example half of the normal hashrate you will be getting when mining standard Scrypt crypto currency such as LTC for example.


Heavycoin (HVC) is a new CPU only mined crypto currency that is just launching/launched and we have compiled for Windows the modified cpuminer software that you can use aside from the wallet to solo mine the coin at launch, while the official pools start working properly. Heavycoin uses a new algorithm called HEFTY1 that makes the coins a promising alternative to the likes of Primecoin (XPM) as a crypto that can only be mined on a CPU (at least for now). You can use the miner to solo mine on Windows systems after HVC mining officially starts on March 8th 12:00 UTC. The archive also includes a version of the minerd for the pool, so far the only working pool for Heavycoin. Note that the pools apparently uses a specially modified version to work for them and it might not work on other pools, that is why we have included both versions in the archive.

Download the cpuminer modified for mining Heavycoin (HVC) on Windows here…


The GeForce GTX 750 Ti are performing quite well for Scrypt mining as well as some other algorithms when used with the cudaminer software miner, however there are other crypto algorithms that are not yet supported by the cudaminer, but can bi mined on Nvidia-based GPUs. One such example is Protoshares (Bitshares-PTS) where there are just a few pools and a few GPU miners available and not all pools and GPU miners are compatible with each other. So we decided to try the different pools with their particular GPU miner with support for Nvidia on a GeForce GTX 750 Ti video card to see what works best and where you can get the highest possible performance out of your hardware. The results below are from a GeForce GTX 750 Ti video card running at stock frequencies, overclocking migh help you squeeze a bit more performance from each miner…

PTS Mining Pool – GPU Miner Used – Hashrate:

upCPU - ominer - 568 c/m
Beeeeer - cudaPTSwin - 522 c/m
1GHS - PTSminer - 488 c/m
ypool - jhProtominer - 477 c/m
PTSpool - PtsGPUz - 379 c/m
ProtoSharesPool - PtsGPUz - 375 c/m

It seems that upcpu’s dedicated GPU miner that supports only their own pool is the fastest in terms of performance, however the pool is is Chinese, but since it does not require registration you should be able to easily figure how to work with it. Our favourite English language pool, though with a little less performance is 1ghs’s PTS pool that is also very easy to use. Have in mind that these results are from a GeForce GTX 750 Ti GPU based on the new Maxwell architecture form Nvidia, so on other CUDA-capable video cards the performance you get from each miner may differ. That is why we have packed all of the miners that we have tested in a single archive that you can download and try for yourself to see where your hardware will perform the best. Soon we are also going to be checking out the performance with AMD and OpenCL miners for mining Protoshares.

You can download the pack of Nvidia CUDA GPU miners for PTS on Windows OS here…