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With Monero (XMR) forking in a day to te new CNv4 (CryptoNight R) algorithm there are more GPU miners getting ready and supporting the new algorithm and the latest XMR-Stak is no exception. It might not be the first to support CryptoNight R as SRBMiner has been available for a while for AMD with CNv4 support. XMR-Stak 2.10.0 however does offer support not only for AMD GPUs, but also for Nvidia and even CPU miners, so it is your universal CryptoNight R miner. Performance wise in our initial tests XMR-Stak is just slightly faster in terms of hashrate compared to the latest SRBMiner 1.8.0, but the advantage is neglectable and the difference with the default developer fee eats away the additional hashrate you get.

Of course it also supports number of other CryptoNight variants including the new cryptonight_v8_reversewaltz used by Graft with their recent fork and pretty much any other more popular CN variant out there as well. Do note however that the official binary release comes with a 2% development fee, you can compile the miner yourself from source (it is open source) with different or even no developer fee however should you decide to.

To download the latest XMR-Stak 2.10.0 with CryptoNight R support for CPU, AMD and Nvidia…

The newest GMiner 1.35 miner comes with improved performance for Grin29 and Swap on Nvidia cards, additional support for mining on AMD video cards for Grin29, Swap and Aeternity (adding to the already available support for BEAM), improved pool side hashrate for Swap and various bug fixes. The performance for GRIN’s Cuckaroo29 and SWAP’s Cuckaroo29s algorithm is currently probably the fastest compared to other available miners (tested on Windows 10 with GTX 1080 Ti). The additional algorithms getting AMD GPU support is nice, though not that useful as these mining rigs are not performing that good with the specific algorithms and the expected profit is not attractive at all at this point. Still it is good to have more alternatives for miners for different algorithms, so it will be good to see GMiner getting support for additional algorithms on AMD as well.

The GMiner Nvidia CUDA miner requires an Nvidia GPU with CUDA compute capability 5.0 or later as well as CUDA 9.0 driver support. Do note that GMiner is a closed source miner for Nvidia GPUs with binaries available for both Windows and Linux, also there is a 2% developer fee built-in the software.

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The latest NBMiner 21.0 that has just been released comes with support for Aeternity (AE) as well as improved miner stability and performance for the Grin29 and Grin31 algorithms (Cuckaroo29 and Cuckatoo31). Performance wise the new version does seem to catch up to the competition regarding Cuckaroo29 hashrates (the latest Gminer is still slightly faster) and could currently be the fastest miner for Cuckatoo31 in terms of hashrate (at least for Windows on GTX 1080 Ti) compared to BMiner and GMiner. Stability wise Cuckatoo31 however could use some more improvements as we see the miner crashing on some systems that otherwise work just fine with competing miners.

We remind you that the NBMiner is a closed source GPU miner for Nvidia CUDA that is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems and it has the following developer fee built-in: tensority + ethash – 3%, tensority (Pascal GPUs) – 2%, tensority (Turing GPUs) – 3%, ethash – 0.65%, cuckaroo29 and cuckatoo31 – 2%.

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