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Funakoshi’s Equihash 144,5 CUDA miner is arguably the fastest Equihash 144,5 Nvidia GPU miner available at the moment for both Linux and Windows users with the software constantly being developed and improved as you can see from the short timespan between the new version updates. The latest version 4.10 once again bumps up the hashrate you get mining Equihash 144,5 crypto coins such as Bitcoin Gold (BTG) that uses that particular variation of Equihash. This miner does not seem to be getting that much attention like other Equihash GPU miners, but that doesn’t mean that it does not outperform them, it is just that the software is focused on a single algorithm only while other alternatives usually support multiple algorithms. Funakoshi’s miner is a closed source one and comes as pre-compiled binaries for Windows and Linux with a built-in developer fee of 1.5%.

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New update to version 0.6.10 for the T-Rex Nvidia GPU miner that brings extra performance for a number of supported algorithms, along with some new features, bug fixes and even some useful cosmetic changes. The new T-Rex 0.6.10 should get you an extra 1-2% hashrate increase in X16r, X16s, X17, C11, Bitcore, BCD and Sonoa algorithms over the previously released version T-Rex 0.6.6. Among the new interesting features is the added functionality for setting failover pools in the command line by just adding extra pool parameters like with a single pool, the other useful thing to note is the miner uptime getting displayed now as a part of the stats reported by the miner. Of course there are a number of other new features that might be useful for some people, so do check the miner help when you download it. Do note that the T-Rex is a closed source miner with 1% development fee built-in. Also make sure you have a recent video driver installed as the binaries for both Linux and Windows are compiled for CUDA 9.1/9.2.

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GPU miners of Equihash-based altcoins might want to check the latest lolMiner 0.5 – an OpenCL miner for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs that supports Equihash 144.5 (ANON, ASF, BTG, BTCZ, LitecoinZ, HeptaCoin, Safecoin, Snowgem, ZEL), Equihash 96.5 (Minexcoin), Equihash 192.7 (ZERO, Genesis, SafeCash) and the newly added Equihash 210_9 (Aion). The most interesting thing in the new version is the addition of Equihash 210_9 (Aion) support, though there are of course multiple fixes and improvements applied as well. The new version comes with complete rework of all GPU algorithms for both stability and speed and this also results in the memory footprint of the algorithms getting lower, so 144/5 is now fitting to 2.2 GB and thus works on 3 GB video cards and 192/7 is now close to 3GB and should work on any 4GB video card fine. The new 210/9 (AION)uses only about 800 MB of video memory. You can find the full changelog of the lolMiner 0.5 below. The lolMiner 0.5 is a closed source miner available with binary only releases for Windows and Linux. Do note that there is also a built-in developer fee, Equihash 144.5 and 192.7 should have 2% fee and Equihash 96.5 is with 1% fee.

lolMiner 0.5 Changelog:
– Added Equihash 210_9 (Aion)
– Added Coins: AION, ANON and BTH
– Renamed the AUTO144 coin profile to AUTO144_5. Also added AUTO192_7 (see manual where it is possible to use this)
– Changed the command line style. Before it was -parameter=value and now it is --parameter value. This is more Linux style and will help integrating the miner into mining OS solutions
– Rewrote the complete manual
– Added a function to write the text output to a log (see manual)
– Added support for custom personalization strings for Equihash 144/5 and 192/7 (see manual)
– The disabling of the memory check is no longer required on 3G & 4G Nvidia GPUS (disabled by default)
– Reduced the maximum work batch for 96/5 to 24 because higher values caused crashed some times.
– Changed the standard short / long statistic intervals to 30 seconds and 5 minutes.
– Changed the run_miner scripts not to loop any more (unless you use the _with_restart version), see known issues.

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