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The latest releases of Bminer 14.1.0 and NBMiner 14.0 have announced pretty impressive performance increases regarding Bytom (BTM) mining hashrate on the new Nvidia RTX series of GPUs with up to about 200% boost, so a significant improvement indeed. This essentially makes the RTX series of GPUs the best choice for BTM mining with two to tree times faster hashrates compared to what their older GTX counterparts are able to deliver at the moment.

Another new improvement that goes for both miners is the additional performance improvement in the range of about 30% for GRIN mining with hashrates very close for the two miners. Bminer also brings similar performance improvement for Aethernity like for Grin. So make sure you do try them both to see what may work better on your specific GPUs and settings if you are currently mining GRIN. Our tests are showing that the latest GMiner 1.25 still seems slightly faster on GTX 1080 Ti GPUs compared to what we are getting on the same hardware with the latest BMiner and NBMiner, so make sure you check out the latest Gminer as well.

When we are talking about Cryptonote (Cryptonight) miners for AMD GPUs our preferred miner is SRBMiner due to the large range of supported variations and features, however there is a good competitor available and that one is called JCE Cryptonote CPU+GPU miner. The JCE miner is a closed source software available as a binary for Windows only (for the GPU) and with 0.9% developer fee for the GPUs (the separate CPU miner is with higher fees, Linux version is available for this one). In terms of performance the JCE miner is pretty much on par with the fastest alternatives like SRB, sometimes it might be a bit faster, sometimes a bit slower, depending on the algorithm and settings. For instance our latest experience shows a bit better performance for Tube mining using JCE compared to the latest SRB 1.7.7 on RX 580. The JCE miner does support a lot of the Cryptonothe (Cryptonight) variations out there, so you can use it to mine pretty much all popular variants. There is support for SSL as well as for NiceHash’s extranonce functionality

For more info and to download and try the latest JCE Cryptonote CPU+GPU Miner…

There is now a new sgminer fork with MTP support being actively developed by djm34 (source) that looks promising, though it might need some more extra work for becoming more stable stable and reliable. Performance results on AMD RX 580 and AMD VEGA GPUs are quite good compared to what Nvidia MTP miners are currently offering and hashrate is much better than what the only available option with MTP support for ADM so far was delivering up until now – WildRig Multi. So if you are interested in mining ZCoin using the MTP algorithm on AMD you might want to give the new sgminer fork a try, there are two separate kernels available – mtp and mtp_vega and you might try both on your AMD GPUs to see what works better. Do note that the sgminer fork with MTP support is currently only available with a Windows binаry, though since it is open source you can try compiling it on Linux.

To download and try the sgminer fork with MTP support for Windows (work in progress)…