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The latest update of the AMD OpenCL GPU miner lolMiner 0.9 brings significant performance boost for the Cuckatoo 31 algorithm used by Grin on 8GB AMD cards (+22% on Polaris and up to 30% on Radeon VII) and reduced Grin stale shares. The new version also has the 16GB solver for GRIN-AT31 disabled as it seems that the 8GB solver is faster at the moment in terms of hashrate. Do note that currently AMD Navi support is disabled for the new algorithms and Cuckatoo-31 on ROCm drivers falls back to 4GB kernel.

Expected performance on Cuckatoo-31 (stock settings):
– Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 0.55 g/s
– Radeon Vega 64: 1.2 g/s
– Power Color Radeon VII 1.53 g/s

We remind you that lolMiner is a closed source OpenCL GPU miner available for Windows and Linux as pre-compiled binaries only and that there is a developer fee for using the software (1% for all supported algorithms). The miner should work on Nvidia GPUs with OpenCL, however stability and performance could be far from optimal, so it is best for use with AMD GPUs. For Nvidia GPU miner with support for Cuckatoo 31 you can check out the latest GMiner, NMBiner or some of the other option like BMiner etc.

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The latest TT-Miner 3.1.0 Beta 3 comes with added support for the Eaglesong algorithm used by the Nervos (CKB) making this yet another option for a GPU miner for Eaglesong. This update also removes support for the Myriad-Groestl and the Teo version of Ethash (TEO), brings some improvements for the MTP algorithm on RTX GPUs and some small improvements for all ProgPoW variants (ProgPoW, ProgPoWZ and ProgPoW092). Do note that if you get a missing DLL error when trying to run the miner on Windows you may need to download the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019.

As far as performance for EagleSong is concerned, we are seeing slightly slower performance with TT-Miner compared to the latest NBMiner and GMiner (100+ MH/s slower on GTX 1080 Ti), so definetly needs some more optimizations to ctch up to the fastest Nvidia GPU miners. Is it worth the effort however is entirely different thing as there is information about FPGA support available for the EagleSong algorithm the bitstreams and miners available for Alveo U200 and Xilinx VCU1525 FPGAs, though with the current performance GPU mining on high-end GPUs might still be viable for a while.

TT-Miner supports ProgPOW, Ethash, UBQhash, MTP, Lyra2REv3, Epic and EagleSong algorithms on Nvidia GPUs and is available for Windows and Linux as pre-compiled binaries, a closed source miner with 1% developer fee for all of the supported algorithms.

For more information and to download and try the latest TT-Miner 3.1.0 Beta 3 for Windows…
For more information and to download and try the latest TT-Miner 3.1.0 Beta 3 for Linux…

The latest SRBMiner-MULTI CPU and AMD GPU Miner version 0.1.7 brings support for the m7mv2 algorithm (CPU only) used by Magi Coin (XMG) along with some improvements such as better CPU auto configuration compared to earlier releases that had some issues using optimally all cores. We haven’t been following XMGM for quite some time now, but it is good that the project still continues and is developing, including forking to new algorithms such as the m7mv2. With the previous release SRBMiner-MULTI 0.1.6 the miner became a viable alternative to XMRig regarding RandomX support, so this is probably going to be generating a lot of interest as we get closer to the end of the month and the XMR fork to this new algorithm.

SRBMiner-MULTI CPU & AMD GPU Miner 0.1.7 beta changelog:
– Added ‘m7mv2’ algorithm (Magi coin – XMG)
– Cpu auto configuration should be better than on previous versions
– Added CPU data to API, also rearranged a few things in API
– Console window ‘Quick Edit’ mode disabled on miner start, so users won’t accidentally pause miner by clicking in the console window

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