We have been testing the BTC Robot automated Bitcoin trading robot for a few days and we went for the Silver plan that gives you a downloadable version of the software to use on your own computer. We have already described some of the issues we’ve went through using that version as you can only install it on one computer and not move it to another later on (unless you contact the support and request you want to do that). We have also had some trouble making the automated trading software work properly on Windows, even though it should be supported. As a result we would recommend to go for the higher plans that will give you a cloud based version of the trading bot that you can access and use from different computers and that will be online all the time, so yo don’t have to keep your computer online 24/7 like you need to with the Silver Plan and the downloadable version.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the BTC Robot trading algorithm relies on data coming from MtGox and that exchange has been having some trouble lately and things are really crazy with the exchange rate there for the moment the market situation is preventing the bot from executing trades properly. That is precisely why we have decided to test another advertised feature of the software – 60 days money back guarantee. We have requested a full refund and now, 2 days later we have just received our payment back. We have used BTC to pay for the Silver Plan and we got BTC back in our account, though the amount is a bit less than what we have sent as apparently the payment processor takes into account the exchange rate at the time of payment and refund. The refund took about 2 days to process and us having back the money in our BTC wallet after making our full refund request as per the 60 day money back guarantee. So that works pretty good as well and it gives you the ability to test the BTC Robot automated Bitcoin trading robot for a few days and if you are not happy you can get your money back. Kind of works like a trial version, so you can test the software and if you are not happy with it to get your money back.

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LeaseRig is an interesting new service that allows you to rent mining rigs for a limited time period that will mine for you in your preferred pool and your preferred crypto currency for the duration of the lease. There are mining rigs available for Scrypt, SHA-256, Scrypt-Jane, Keccak (SHA-3), Scrypt-A-nFactor and DRKMix (Darkxoin mining). These rigs are provided by users and the service LeaseRig only connects you to the mining rig providers, processing payments and acts as control and monitoring panel. Everything seems very quick and easy to start using the service if you want to rent mining rigs and there are already quite a few available, and we were very excited at first. This is precisely why we have decided to give the service a try by renting a mining rig for 24 hours to be able to actually test how things are working and give you adequate feedback and to make a proper review of the service.


In order to test the service we have decided to lease a smaller mining rig for longer period of time, so we choose one that is with 0.62 MHS and have rented it for 24 hour time period. The cost for leasing the rig for 24 hours was 0.01070000 BTC (you can pay only in BTC), and estimating the LTC return rate for 24 hours of mining Litecoin with that hashing power was roughly 0.1945 LTC (0.00485666 BTC). This means if we used the rig to mine LTC the profit we would get will be about half of what we have payed for renting the mining rig, so we have decided to go for the currently more profitable DOGE. The projected mined crypto with that hasrate for a day by the pool (Coinotron) was about 2600-2700 DOGE or up to about 0.00567000 BTC with the current exchange rate. Again less than what we have to pay for renting the mining rig, but we decided to give it a try as we were actually willing to test the service… you can find better prices for higher hashrate and with longer lease time you can end up with profit according to calculations.


Everything started very good, the BTC deposit has appeared and was available for use very fast. We have hired the mining rig, removed the rigs default pool settings and set our pool and worker settings for mining DOGE at Coinotron and in a moment the rig started working. For a few hours everything was running smooth and problem free, so we stopped checking the Mining Rig status every few minutes and a few more hours later we checked to see if everything is still fine and it was not. The mining pools and settings were back to the default ones for the mining rig we have rented and it was not mining to our pool (it was gone from the list of pool) and was mining for the rig owner with more than 12 hours left from our contract. This has probably continued for an hour or two at least before we have noticed it, we again changed the pool settings to ours for mining DOGE in Coinotron and have removed the default ones. After that going for some sleep and waking up in the morning and checking the status with just about 2 hours more left from our lease the rig was again back to the default pools and our mining pool info was not in the list and it was not mining for us. This meant that again the rented rig was not mining for us for at least a few hours, again setting the proper settings for the remaining time of our contract and there were no more problems until the lease time has finished.


The result from our 24 hour rent of the mining rig was really awful. Instead for the projected 2600-2700 DOGE getting mined for the lease time, we ended up with only about half of that actually mined or about 1300 DOGE. This means that due to the two times that our pool settings were gone and the mining rig was not mining for as as per the contract before us noticing has totaled in probably 12 hours. This is really unacceptable, even though after our contract has finished we can still see the leased mining rig mining for us at the Coinotron pool with a slightly lower hashrate for about an hour already we are still not happy at all.

After reading a bit more, it seems that the problem with the pool settings getting reverted back to the default set by the mining rig operator can happen if you restart the miner on the rig and you need to manually reset them to your own settings each time. So if the mining rig does not get restarted or the miner software on it at least you might not have the problem with the pools reverting back to the owner of the rig, but in hour 24 hour test we have noticed this happening 2 times (maybe even more) and thus resulting in really very unsatisfactory performance of the service. You cannot expect the people that rent the rigs to be monitoring them all the time during the lease period, especially if you rent multiple rigs and for longer periods of time in order to quickly react should a problem with the pools reverting form the user set ones to the rig’s defaults.

The conclusion: we have started by renting a 0.62 MHS mining rig for 24 hours paying 0.01070000 BTC, we have mined Scrypt crypto and more specifically DOGE as it has higher profitability than LTC and at the end of our lease we have ended up with the equivalent of 0.00252630 BTC. So we actually have payed 4 times more than what our actual mining earnings are worth and that is clearly not going to make us recommend the LeaseRig service. We have ended up with half of the expected DOGE mined because of a problem with the system that reverts the mining pools to the mining rig’s defaults instead of using our mining pool and worker, so this has essentially halved our expected earnings. So for now you better not go for the LeaseRig service, until at least they figure a solution to the problem with the pools getting reset. But even without that pool issue we have experienced it is hard to go for a lease of a rig that will not only cover what you have payed for renting it, but will end up with some profit for you! You could actually be more interested in becoming one of the mining rig providers and earn some cash for leasing your mining rig equipment, because this actually seems more profitable than to be renting rigs.

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Some really good news for people mining and trading DOGE, one of the best so far crypto currency exchanges for people based in Europe – Kraken has added DOGE to EURO trading (DGE/EUR) and DOGE/BTC though they call it DGE/XBT, along with DGE/LTC, NMC/DGE and USD/DGE. Kraken are famous for their really fast service for Depositing and Withdrawing using SEPA transfers in EU and they are really setting up a high standard to other exchanges especially if you compare them to MtGox that are the benchmark for SLOW deposits and withdraws and other various issues as we’ve seen. Of course the Kraken exchange is not that big as MtGox and since DOGE trading is really new there the volume can be low at first but in just a few days things will probably get moving quickly as more people start trading DOGE there. And while this happens you can register and get your account verified in order to lift the initial restricting limits that you have set at the exchange.

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