With the currently low profitability of DOGE a lot of miners are looking at some other alternative cryptos with higher profitability to mine instead of DOGE and LTC and an interesting alt coin pops up called Cosmoscoin (CMC). This scrypt crypto has a profitability that is currently about 3 times higher than that of DOGE, so a lot of people are looking for mining pools and exchanges where they can mine for Cosmoscoin, but unfortunately there are not that many of these available.

Aside form the recent spike in interest CMC hasn’t been very active lately and many of the previously available pools are not working anymore, so there are just a few left that are experiencing various problems due to the many users trying to mine and the instability of the CMC network. Furthermore Cryptsy, the main exchange trading CMC currently is experiencing some sort of issues with Cosmoscoin as you are unable to generate a deposit address, so you are not able to send and trade the mined CMC there. An alternative exchange that supports CMC is Bter and they have temporary taken down CMC deposits, and there is another one that works called CoinEx, but there a deposit address generated there was not accepted by the pool we tried to mine at. So be careful with CMC as although it may seem as a good idea to mine it now due to the higher profitability it apparently has at the moment, the problems you may face trying to get and trade your coins might not be worth it. So we recommend to AVOID Cosmoscoin (CMC) for the moment!


Riecoin is a decentralized (p2p), open source digital currency. It allows to transfer money to anywhere in the world with only minimum transaction fees, sometimes even for free (depending on many factors like the amount to transfer and the network load at the moment of the transaction). It is a fork of the Bitcoin project. Riecoin is still very new, justa few days since its launch and it has already generated significant amount of attention from users, so it is worth checking it out.

The name “Riecoin” pays homage to Bernhard Riemann, whose work generated new ways of studying the distribution of prime numbers and is referenced in the math of Riecoin. It also pays homage to Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that started them all. At the moment only a CPU miner exists for Riecoin (RIC), so you can use some processor power to mine these coins if you have it unused on your GPU mining rigs for example. Riecoin is similar in many ways to Primecoin (XPM), however there are differences between the two though they both can still be mined only with CPU for the moment.


Block Explorer / Crawler


  • PoW: custom, prime constellations
  • Blocks every 2.5 minutes
  • Block reward of 50RIC, halving every 840000 (about 4 years)
  • Cap: about 84 million RIC
  • Difficulty adjustments every 288 blocks (targeted every 12hs)


Source Code
at GitHub


  • RPC Port: 28332
  • P2P Port: 28333




Scryptcc is a new Scrypt-based Cloud Mining Service where you can purchase KHS and they will start mining alternative crypto currencies for you in the cloud right away. This service is really new and very similar to what is for Bitcoin cloud mining, however here you re purchasing Scrypt processing power and not SHA-256 like with CEX. It seems that the service is just a few days old and although there is some polishing that needs to be made it seems fully operational and working with thousands of KHS already available for purchase. scryptcc offers both cloud mining and exchange for trading KHS, just like you can do on with GHS and BTC.


In this exchange you can purchase KHS for scrypt-based cloud mining in a private pool, and the earnings you get are also calculated in BTC. There is no detailed information yet or ability to control what alternative crypto currencies the pool mines for you, but it should mine based on profitability such as DOGE or LTC for example (in the future there should be an option for the user to choose specific coin to be mined). The current lowest exchange rate for a 1 KHS is 0.00144390 BTC and according to the calculator that the service provides for checking your profitability you should be able to get a return of investment for about 180 days or half a year if you purchase KHS at that price. The good thing about Scrypt mining is that there are not yet serious ASIC devices on the market and there are already a lot of alternative cryptos to mine, so longer term investment in Scrypt could mining seems more reasonable than in SHA-256 cloud mining power.


We just started testing the scryptcc cloud based Scrypt mining service by purchasing a few KHS to test with, so we’ll keep you updated to what is happening and how things are going. Hopefully we are seeing something that will give some good alternative options for people that want to have access to higher Scrypt hashrate without having to deal directly with the hardware themselves. After you transfer some BTC to the service (only 3 network confirmations are required), you can purchase some Scrypt cloud hashrate on the exchange and the KHS you purchase are credited to your account and should start earning mining rewards every 10 minutes shortly. We just got our first small mining reward in BTC as you can see on the screenshot above that we reinvested into KHS. So we advice you to give the service a try with some small amount at first to see for yourself how things will be going as we decided to do. Have in mind that the service is still in Beta, so there could be some hiccups at first, but these will probably be dealt with quickly.

For more information and to try out the scryptcc cloud mining service yourself…