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The upcoming Inside Bitcoins conference will tackle the hard issues surrounding the recently-mainstreamed cryptocurrency, the event will take place in New York City, USA for two tracks of programming on April 7-8 at the Javits Convention Center. More than 80 speakers are expected that are industry experts and business visionaries converge to analyze the first digital, decentralized, peer-to-peer based global currency. Attendees will gain insight into the future of bitcoin through carefully-curated information sessions including “Politics, Press and Regulation: Bitcoin in Washington, DC”, “Bitcoin in the Cloud”, “Wall Street’s View of Fair Value for Bitcoin”, “The State of Bitcoin Security”, “The Bitcoin Startup Ecosystem”, and more. The recent issues surrounding the crash of one of bitcoin’s earliest and largest exchange sites will be explored in the newly-added session, “MtGox: Collapse of a Bitcoin Giant”, taking place on April 8. Join us at Inside Bitcoins New York and get the answers to all of your questions surrounding the current state of bitcoin.

Who is this event for? The answer is anyone with a vested interest in Bitcoins and other virtual currencies, including, but not limited to: Developers, Entrepreneurs, Financial professionals, Private equity, corporate, angel and venture capital investors, Banks and financial institutions, Brick-and-mortar merchants and online retailers, Credit and loyalty solution providers, Consultants, Daily deal and group buying networks, Data and payment processors, Legal professionals, Security solution providers, Founders of early stage and emerging growth companies. For the moment a one day conference pass is available for $399 USD and the full conference pass is available for $499 USD, though these are early bird access prices – the onsite prices will be higher.

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If you are always on the lookout for new opportunities about alternative crypto currencies that may get a temporary higher profitability than the typical leaders such as DOGE for example, then this might be interesting find for you. There is a service called CoinChoose that lists quite a few of the more serious alternative cryptos with their current profitability and on what exchange it is most profitable at the moment. Usually there are some gems that pop out on the top, though they do not last long there, because people quickly start to mine them and their difficulty increases significantly and thus the profitability rate drops very fast. But this is still a good chance to make something extra, especially if you act quick and do not have that much of hashing power available. So do take a look and maybe be on a lookout from time to time for some interesting cryptos that may pop up as more profitable than DOGE.

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