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The Litecoin Difficulty has increased after dropping significantly down to 2820 the previous time. The new Litecoin difficulty is 3508 and that is an increase with a bit over 24% than the previous one. The result is that LTC mining profitability got lower and at the moment alternative crypto mining such as DOGE coins for example is even more attractive than directly mining for LTC than before. Another interesting crypto coin that recently has generated a lot of attention is VertCoin (VTC) as it is an alternative crypto that does not use the typical Scrypt method, but a modified one and is claimed to be Scrypt ASIC resistant. Protoshares are also another interesting option for GPU mining as they are also gaining more user interest since the recent adoption of GPU mining as they were previously mined only with CPU. And for CPU only mining Primecoin (XPM) is still a good choice, though the profitability is not that attractive as the one of coins that can be mined with GPUs.


The Litecoin Difficulty has dropped again slightly – from 3300 down to 2820, so the LTC mining profitability is yet again higher than on the previous difficulty. The reason of course are the many users mining for DOGE, LOTO, TIPS and other alternative crypto coins instead of directly mining LTC. The higher profitability of DOGE compared to Litecoin makes it worthwhile to mine DOGE and trade it for LTC and directly mine for Litecoins. Though the difference with the new lower LTC difficulty is not that big as on the previous one, so some people may move back directly mining LTC and thus the next difficulty update will most likely lead to increase.

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