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It seems that the continuing talk about regulating Bitcoin and more specifically the businesses operating with Bitcoins it fueling the interest in alternative crypto coins such as DarkCoin (DRK) that are focusing on their anonymity features. Regulating Bitcoin and the businesses operating with Bitcoins leads to all things that BTC and crypto currencies are against in their design, however it seems that the way to mainstream adoption needs regulation or so some countries say. The state wants to know how many crypto coins you have and how and where you are using them, even though they may say Bitcoin is not a currency. The reason that they state for that is of course “to protect” you from scams and “to protect” everyone else from the use of Bitcoins for illegal purposes. But are you ready to give away your privacy for the sake of being “protected”?

It is true that some users probably want to and use Bitcoin and crypto currencies for illegal things, but the same thing is true for the fiat – if you want to do something illegal and have the money you will find a way, regardless if the type of currency you use. The recent crackdown of the new Silk Road 2.0 and other illegal online markets may be used to give some bad PR for Bitcoin, however there are illegal online markets that do not work with crypto currencies, so what about these? But back to DarkCoin, anonymity has been one of the things that people using crypot currencies do want to have and there have been many altcoins appearing pushing some promising anonymity features. DarkCoin however remains one of the first and the most popular and widely used “anonymous” crypto coin, even though it had quite a few problems along the way, especially implementing new features, it has survived and will be here to stay. So long term investment in DarkCoin may not be a bad thing to consider, especially if you already have some DRK coins…