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It seems that the life of the Antminer E3 ASIC miners from Bitmain is nearing its end with the Ethash miner apparently becoming useless for Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining and soon for Ethereum (ETH) as well, or at least we are getting such reports form users being unable to mine properly ETC these devices anymore. The reason for that is the fact that they do work like video cards with 4GB video memory and as these become obsolete due to large DAG size (even though not yet 4GB in size), so will do the E3 ASIC miners. ETC is the first to drop from the E3 coins to mine as it is ahead with about 10 epochs from ETH (328 for ETC, 318 for ETH), so Ethereum has less than two months left before reaching the same place as ETC did. Of course there are a number of other smaller Ethash-based projects that are far behind with their DAG epochs, so the E3 miners will still be able to be mined with the ASIC miners. The problem is what will happen with profitability with a big influx of hashrate coming from large E3 mining operations, so most likely very soon it will be time to retire the miners.

It is interesting to note that Ethereum (ETH) does have a plan to do another fork and switch to the ProgPow proof of work mining algorithm (GPU-only mining) at some point this year, and the time could coincide with the “E3 miner death” for ETH mining or not. Nevertheless now is definitely not the best time to be buying Antminer E3 even if somebody is offering the hardware at a really low prices as in less than two months it might become pretty useless. If you do have E3 ASIC miners make sure you maximize their use for the remaining time that you should be able to mine ETH with them and start planning what to do with them afterwards.

There were rumors, leaks and information about an upcoming Ethash ASIC miner from Bitmain for months, but now it is official as the company has announced their Antminer E3 device. The first ASIC miner capable of mining Ethereum (ETH) and other crypto currencies using the Ethash / Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm is capable of delivering 180 MHS hashrate at 800W of power usage and will cost you $800 USD. The first batch of Antminer E3 Ethash ASIC miners is scheduled to start shipping 16-31 July according to Bitmain’s website, so the devices should start appearing in the first user’s hands sometime in August, although the devices will probably be up and running on the network before that.

Looking at the specifications, you are essentially getting the equivalent of a regular GPU mining rig for Ethereum in terms of hashrate and power usage, but in a more compact and cost efficient format with the Antminer E3. Unfortunately the word is that besides Bitmain a couple more companies have also been working on Ethash ASIC miners, so soon we may start seeing more announcements with different specs similar to what happened with the recent wave of Cryptonight ASICs. So you should be careful when you are doing the math and considering if you should invest in the first generation of Ethash ASIC miners now, you if you should wait a bit more and see… especially considering they are not shipping immediately at this point. We also need to see what will be the response of Ethereum to the ASIC miners now that they are available as they may decide to follow the same road that Monero (XMR) choose – to fork the mining algorithm with the idea to continue to be ASIC-proof or switch to POS sooner than expected.

For more details about the new Bitmain Antminer E3 Ethash ASIC miner on the official website…