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With September closing up and many new Scrypt ASIC manufacturers getting ready to start shipping their mining hardware things are heating up with the currently available miners and in order to keep the users interest we need to see new prices. One of the most significant things about the Innosilicon A2 miners, a thing we have noted in our reviews of their products, is that they are pretty expensive or actually were. We know that the company is using 28 nm technology for their chips and thus achieves higher performance with lower power consumption, but up until recently the price of the hardware did not justify the difference in power usage compared to other alternatives available with higher power usage. The good news is that apparently Innosilicon has finally decided to lower the prices by also making available new miners, making them a more attractive option and finally able to compete with ZeusMiner for example price wise for the same or similar hashrate while still offering lower power usage.

The new A2 MINI Terminator is available for $789 USD and offers 35 MHS Scrypt hashrate with a power consumption of about 350W. Unlike the old A2 Mini miner however the new model does not come with built-in power supply, though there is still a Raspberry Pi controller built-in into the miner, so you need to also buy a PSU for this one. The other new miner is the A2 MEGA Terminator currently available for $2499 USD. This miner offers 110 MHS Scrypt hashrate with less than 1100W power usage as the device comes with built in 1100W power supply and a RPi controller like the A2BOX miner that we have already reviewed. With the new A2 miners the price per 1 MHS comes at about $23 USD for a complete solution ready to be used out of the box (adding a PSU for the Mini miner as well). So if you are currently considering making an investment in Scrypt ASIC hardware that is currently available you might want to take a look at the new Innosilicon A2 miners.


As we are nearing the end of July, Alpha Technology, a Scrypt ASIC manufacturer has announced that they will not be shipping this month as they were previously targeting in order to beat the competition. The company announced that they have had technical issues during tape-out which has caused them to redo some portion of the ASIC layout one more time thus delaying the chip fabrication. According to them the tape-out is mid-way now and there should be no more delays, also in parallel to the tape-out process they have already started the fabrication of the PCB’s and enclosures. Regardless the shipping has now been moved to September, so there is some chance that KnCMiner might start shipping their Titan units earlier by the end of the next month, even though Alpha Technology were supposed to try hard to deliver first. And while this is not so good as new for the people that have pre-ordered Scrypt ASIC miners from Alpha Technology, though quite a lot have already requested or even received their refunds, it is good news for the people that have purchased some of the currently available Scrypt ASIC miners such from Gridseed, ZeusMiner, Innosilicon as they will have more time with smaller increase in the total network hashrate before the big miners start shipping.


Last week KnCMiner has reported that they are ready to start shipping the 3 THS Neptune miners and this week the users that have pre-ordered the Batch 1 units have started receiving their units. The 3 THS Neptune ASIC miners that were pre-ordered back at the peak of the Bitcoin and purchased with BTC at the end of last year might end up with very nice return of investment time. However if you have paid in cash for them and at some point after the MtGox affair, then you might have harder time to return your investment by mining Bitcoins with them as the difficulty is climbing fast already.


The 3 THS KnCMiner Neptune SHA-256 ASIC miners are using about 2.1 KW of power at the wall, so the best way to power them is by using two 1.2 KW ATX power supplies, so that you might be able to also have some reserve for possible future hashrate upgrades with slight increase in the power usage. If you still haven’t pre-ordered a Neptune miner and do not plan to get into the Batch 2 order list, but you are interested in getting some more affordable Bitcoin miners, then you might want to take a look at the upcoming 500 GHS AntMiner S3 from BitMain or the already available 1100 GHS Innosilicon A1-based BTC miners.