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It seems that there is now an alternative to the official cgminer 3.1.1 with Zeus support in the form of a new fork of bfgminer that adds support for ZeusMiner’s Scrypt ASICs (source). This fork is compatible with GAWMiners and Hashra Zeus-based Scrypt ASICs as well and it pretty much uses the same options as the official cgminer, but comes with support for many more features since it is based off the latest version of bfgminer. Below you can find a windows binary of the bfgminer 4.1.99 that you can try, just make sure to set the right number of chips depending on your miner model as well as the virtual COM port at which the miner is detected. The best operating frequency still seems to be 328 MHz for most people as a good balance in terms of performance and HW error rate, though you are welcome to play with it.

You can download the new bfgminer 4.1.99 ZeusMiner binaries for Windows OS here…