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A week ago there was a fork for the BitCash (BITC) project in order to switch to the new X16Rv2 PoW algorithm. Due to some issues however GPU mining ended up not working up properly, so only CPU solo mining was possible for a week and another fork was planned to fix the problem. Today the new fork has happened and the good news is that X16Rv2 GPU mining is now possible after the successful fork. Due to the fork the difficulty of mining BITC is currently lower and you might want to take advantage of this and play around with the T-Rex miner and the X16Rv2 algorithm if you have some Nvidia GPUs and wondering what to mine. As for a good pool where you can mine BitCash on, you might want to check out IceMining or alternatively the second option is to go for

We have not talked about the BitCash (BITC) project for quite some time, but it just got our attention once more with its recent fork. BitCash has moved to the new X16Rv2 algorithm, however you will not be able to GPU mine it for the moment as the existing miner software does not support the specific header that BITC uses. So until there is official support from a GPU miner specifically for the BITC variant of X16Rv2 the coin can only be solo CPU mined via the wallet. This might be interesting for some miners out there that have decent CPUs sitting idle as this might be a good opportunity for you to stack up some coins before GPU mining becomes available again.

Update: BitCash will have another hard fork in a few days on 6 October 10:00 UTC to correct the problem with the mining. This hard fork will bring back the possibility of GPU mining. There is a new wallet version 0.17.20 already. Everybody needs to upgrade to the new version. After the new fork we should be able to use the T-Rex GPU again for X16Rv2 mining with GPUs.

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