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While we are still waiting for the upcoming Avalon A9 Bitcoin ASIC miners that will be based on 7nm technology, Canaan Creative has apparently started selling AvalonMiner 851… the successor of 841. The new AvalonMiner 851 is based on the same 16 nm A3210HP ASIC chips that the 841 uses, though apparently there have been some optimizations in order for the new model to reach 15 THS up from 13.6 THS for the 841 version. So with Canaan AvalonMiner 851 you get 15 THS hashrate for Bitcoin mining with 1450W of power usage, allowing for a slightly better hashrate density, but not much of an efficiency improvement in terms of power usage. It is interesting to note that at the official Canaan website the AvalonMiner 841 is listed at $425 USD while the 851 is at $450 USD or just 25 dollars more, though wit distributors the price difference would be higher.

Canaan AvalonMiner 851 Specifications:
Hashrate: 15 TH/s, -5% ~ +10% : Min 14.5
Power Consumption: 1450W, +0% ~ +20% @ 14.5 TH/s, 25°C, 93% PSU Efficiency, 12V AC, Wall-Plug
Power Efficiency: 0.11 J / GigaHash Wall-Plug
Rated Input Voltage: 12 ~ 12.6V
Chips: 104 x A3210M 16nm ASIC
Frequency: Smart Speed
PSU output pins: 8 X 6PIN
Network Connection: AUC3 + AUC3 I2C to AvalonMiner Controller
Controller: AvalonMiner Controller
AUC3: Up to 5 devices / AUC3, Daisy-Chain Connection
Operating Temperature: -5℃ ~ 35℃
Air-intake Temperature: -5℃ ~ 35℃
Cooling: 1x 12038 FAN, 6000RPM
Noise: 0 ~ 65db
Dimensions: 370mm x 150mm x 136mm
Gross Dimensions: 430 mm x 215mm x 205mm
Net weight: 4.7kg
Gross weight: 5.2kg

Fore mroe details about the Canaan AvalonMiner 851 Bitcoin ASIC miner…

There seems to be a new interesting addition to the product line of Bitmain’s Bitcoin ASIC miners, though apparently currently only available on their Chinese website and not on the English version. The Antminer S9 Hydro is a water cooled miner that supposedly delivers 18 THS hashrate for mining Bitcoin with 1728 Watts of power usage. Even though it is just 4 THS more than the air cooled Antmoner S9 miners, the water cooling upgrade adds other advantages besides lower operating temperatures such as improved efficiency, lower operating temperatures and lower noise levels. The new device is currently listed at 7450 Yuan which roughly translates to about $1100 USD for the whole kit that includes the miner, the water cooling and the power supply.

Specifications of the Antminer S9 Hydro:
– Hashrate: 18.0 THS SHA256 ± 5%
– Power Usage: 1728w ± 10%
– Power Efficiency: 96J / THS + 10%
– Noise Level: 45dBA @ 25°C (max: 58 dBA, min: 26 dBA)
– Complete kit: S9 Hydro, HEX water cooling kit, Antminer APW5 Power Supply

An interesting possibility is if you go for a larger custom water-cooling solution too use multiple miners connected with your own water loop for larger scale miners. While this is most definitely an interesting product and something new that people were waiting for a while from Bitmain, with the current market situation we doubt that initial sales will be that big, though again large mining operations might be more interested in these new devices.

More details and photos about the new Antminer S9 Hydro (in Chinese)…

It seems that there is more competition coming up on the Bitcoin ASIC market with the announcement of the Holic H22 Bitcoin ASIc miner that is supposed to deliver 22 THS of hash power at 1600 Watts of power usage. The ASIC chips inside the device are based on 10nm technology from Samsung. These new ASIC miners are being developed by a Greek company for their own mining farms (capacity 15 MW in locations), but they also put them up for pre-order for other customers that might be interested. The only drawback is that delivery of the Holic Tec H22 ASIC miners is set for mid to late December and by that time the competition will have similar products on the market already.

Holic H22 ASIC Specifications:
– Hash rate: 22 THS (tolerance ± 5%)
– Number of chips: 161
– Power consumption: 1600W
– Operating voltage: 11.6 ~ 13V
– Cooling: 2x 190 CFM Fans
– Operating temperature: 0–45 °C
– Dimensions: 175mm x 189mm x 420mm
– Network connection: WiFi – Ethernet

It is interesting to note that the official compay website does not have a working ordering, but orders are apparently being handled by Crypto Universe, an official Canaan Avalon ASIC distributor for Europe. The pre-order price of the Holic H22 is 2064 EURO and that includes the PSU as it is a part of the miner and comes bundled, so you will only pay a bit extra for shipping. Holic Tec apparently is already working on a new design based on 8nm technology that should supposedly be capable of delivering 28 THS hashrate with 1700 Watts of power usage called Holic H28, but that one will be for next year. A word of warning if you are interested in the product, since it is a pre-order form a new company, you should be extra careful even if the orders are handled by a well known and trusted company selling ASICs for quite some time!

To check out the official website of Holic Tec for more information about their ASIC miners…