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Due to the low Bitcoin price a lot of players have been left out and the Bitcoin cloud mining industry has been reorganized. Bitcoin is here to stay and Bitcoin Cloud Services mining operations will continue as the company has reassured us that they have secured hardware and energy agreements that will give a competitive advantage when the price of Bitcoin recovers. The last difficulty adjustment for Bitcoin brought a negative difficulty of -6.14% and this means more Bitcoin for the same hashing power and ROI in less time. However do not forget that investing in Bitcoin mining is something that is expected to give long term profitability. Over the course of the weekend Bitcoin Cloud Services is running a promotion with a 10% discount of the regular price of 0.0018 BTC per GHS for hashrate. All you need to do is to apply promo code BTC10OFF2015 during checkout to receive the 10% weekend promotion. Do note that this discount will be active only during the last weekend of the month, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to use it if you are buying Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate.

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The cloud mining hashrate provider Bitcoin Cloud Services has just started a 24 hour promotion offering a 10% discount from the normal price of 0.0016 BTC per GHS (a very competitive price). In order to be able to purchase hashrate at 0.00144 BTC per GHS (10% lower price) you need to enter the discount code 10DEAL24HRS during the checkout. Do note that the minimum order you can currently make at the service is 100 GHS and that the promotion is going to be available for the next 24 hours only and payments are only accepted in Bitcoins. We’ve been testing and using the service for a few months already and so far had no notable problems with it and the payments you get are automatically executed on a daily basis.