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Another year of Bitcoin and another Bitcoin Black Friday is coming in just about two days from now, so if you are planning to spend some BTC, then you might want to take a look at the upcoming deals and promotions this Friday. The dedicated website Bitcoin Black Friday is currently taking up offers from merchants that want to take part and the offers will go live on Friday, just like the years before. So make sure you check it out on Friday for some good deals or maybe if you are selling a product or a service you might also take the opportunity to provide a Black Friday deal and attract some more customers. Also you might want to double check on some seemingly attractive promotions and websites just to be sure that you are going to be getting a better deal and not being taken advantage of as events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday also attracts some shady people that are just trying to make some quick money off users!

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Black Friday is almost here and Bitcoin users should also prepare for some nice deals and discounts for various crypto currency related items and not only. The website Bitcoin Black Friday is dedicated to collecting various deals that should go live on November 27th 2015 (Black Friday), so you might want to check it out in a few days when things get hot. Meanwhile the website is still accepting merchants that want to offer a good deal to users for the Bitcoin Black Friday, so there is time for getting your deal listed if you want to have something special for Black Friday customers. The dedicated website expects that over 2000 merchants will take part in this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday.

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Black Friday is just around the corner and some of you are probably getting ready to take advantage of some nice deals and huge discounts on things you need, but what about Bitcoin? Are you willing to spend some Bitcoins for good deals on various products and services. The merchant adoption of Bitcoin is not yet so serious when talking about big companies that tend to run huge Black Friday discounts, but that does not mean you cannot find some sweet deals to spend some crypto coins on. The goal of the website Bitcoin Black Friday operated by Fight for the Future is to make it easy for customers that are interested in spending some Bitcoins this November 28th and merchants that are going to be offering such deals to meet. If you are a merchant that accepts Bitcoins as a form of payment and want to have your Black Friday deals reaching more potential customers, than you can submit your deals here and the customers can just subscribe to be notified about the deals that will be available for them when the Black Friday comes later this month. We are also expecting to see some of the ASIC miner manufacturers as well as cloud mining services to have some sweet deals for miners to get on board with an attractively lowered price.

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