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A few days ago the Bitcoin Interest (BCI) fork of Bitcoin has successfully switched to the ProgPoW algorithm, becoming the first crypto coin to actually utilize this new algorithm. ProgPoW is a proof-of-work algorithm designed to close the efficiency gap available to specialized ASICs. It utilizes almost all parts of commodity hardware (GPUs), and comes pre-tuned for the most common GPU hardware utilized in the Ethereum network. The design goal of ProgPoW is to have the algorithm’s requirements match what is available on commodity GPUs, so if the algorithm were to be implemented on a custom ASIC hardware there should be little opportunity for efficiency gains compared to a commodity GPU. This all means that in theory the ProgPoW algorithm will not see ASIC mining hardware, due to no opportunity to get much faster speeds compared to what a GPU is capable of delivering. This essentially means that ProgPoW should in theory be a really ASIC-resistant proof of work algorithm…

If you are interested in more details you can check the official BCI website, and miners would most likely be interested in the mining software, pools and a Bitcoin Interest mining calculator in order to see what is the current mining profitability of your GPU rigs. Here you can also find a BCI Block Explorer to see how are things progressing with the Bitcoin Interest blockchain. You might also be interested in the Bitcoin Interest GitHub repository for the official wallets, miners and so on. BCI is currently being traded on a couple of exchanges including Bitfinex, Stocks.Exchange, HitBTC, Exrates and Trade Satoshi.

BCI ProgPoW Miners:
Nvdia ProgPoW miner for Windows
AMD ProgPoW miner for Windows
ProgPoW miners for Linux

BCI Mining Pools:


The Asian crypto currency exchange Bter has made available to its users an Investment Plan opportunity, in partnership with the JUA, giving users 10% yearly interest rate for Bitcoins held in their accounts. You need to enroll into the Investment plan to have the BTC in your account bring you interest rate and the good thing is that your coins do not get locked up, you can still trade with them or withdraw them at any time. The interest rate is being paid on a daily basis, depending on the balance you have available with the current early interest rate at 10.52%. Bter is able to offer this in partnership with JUA, a large scale mining farm operator, as apparently the funds are used as investment in JUA’s farms and the interest is provided by the mined coins. It is pretty much the same principle used by the HaoBTC online wallet service, but here you get paid a slightly higher interest rate on a daily basis and you can use the coins to trade in the exchange making some more extra profit.

To check out Bter’s Investment Plan with 10% yearly Interest Rate on your BTC balance…


A few days ago we have started using an interesting new service – HaoBTC interest-bearing multi-function Bitcoin wallet that offers users of the service 8% annual interest rate on their BTC stored in the online wallet with interest added every hour. The best thing is that there is no minimum amount and you can deposit and withdraw coins at any time with all of the interest accumulated so far. Here is an example of what you can expect to get, if you deposit 0.01 BTC for example with 8% annual interest rate after a year you will have 0.0108 BTC and the hourly interest rate you will be getting added to your balance is 9 satoshi. If your deposit is for 0.1 BTC then in a year with 8% annual interest you will have 0.108 BTC and each hour the interest rate will result in 91 satoshi added to your balance. For 1 BTC deposited in the wallet and 8% annual interest you will end up with 1.08 BTC in 1 year and every hour 913 satoshi should be added to your balance. What the service does in order to pay its users the interest is to invest Bitcoin into their big mining farm that generates new BTC to pay back users. Up until recently the service was focused on the Asian market, but recently they started getting active for the rest of the world as well and they have provided photos as a proof of their mining operation.


Aside from the simpler 8% interest rate with no minimum amount or fixed period HaoBTC introduced a new more profitable Financing option. You can deposit Bitcoins for a fixed term and get higher interest rate than the standard 8% Banking option they offer, however there are some requirements here. The more profitable interest rate can go up to 15.58% for 1 year if you keep your coins there, with the minimum of 1 month that will get you 12% annual interest rate. This new option works pretty much the same way as a Bank deposit for a fixed period of time, but with a higher interest rate for your Bitcoins. In order to take advantage of this more profitable interest rate, a rate that can go almost double than the standard one, you will need have to at least 10 BTC in your account and the longer you keep them there, the higher the annual interest rate goes. You should still be able to withdraw the coins at any time, but you will loose the interest rate since the last successfully passed fixed period from the chart above. So if you withdraw them before the end of the first month you will not be getting any interest, but if you withdraw them after a month and a half your first month interest will be applied.

It is up to you and your BTC balance which of the two options is better for you, but you should be aware that the interest rate offered by the service is realistic and actually achievable. This is not some of the scam services that promise you 1-2-3-5-10% daily return on your investment that just want to steal your coins, such very high daily returns of investment sound like trouble, so stay away from them. On the other hand the 8% to ~16% yearly interest rate offered by this service is absolutely reasonable and possible to be achieved by using Bitcoin mining as a source for the income to pay for the interest. So go ahead and give the service a try with a small amount checking the standard option where you get 8% annual interest and the interest is being calculated and added to your balance every hour.

To check out the HaoBTC online wallet service with 8%-15.58% annual Bitcoin interest rate…