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The Mining Sweden Bitcoin cloud mining service has announced a lottery where existing customers of their S7 VIP shares as well as new ones that purchase such by the end of the month can win some extra mining shares. Along with the lottery there is a new temporary promotional code available that can be used only for for VIP shares that gives you 15% discount from the original price, you need to enter the coupon code MS-15 during checkout to get the extra discount. Do note that the 15% promo code will be active for a limited period of time, after that only the MS10 coupon for 10% discount will be valid. We have been using the service since May and there have been no problems and we are happy with what we’ve been getting from it.

Existing owners of S7 VIP mining shares are able to win 5 S7 VIP Shares extra if they find their username listed on a product page on the website, but if you see your username listed you will need to send an email to the service operator in order to claim the bonus. For new purchases of VIP shares every order for a pack of 10 VIP S7 Shares gives you 1 lottery ticket, 50 VIP S7 Shares get you 7 tickets and 100 VIP S7 Shares will get you 15 tickets for the lottery that will be drawn on the last day of the month. If you purchase VIP shares with Bitcoin you will also be added in an extra draw for 25 additional VIP S7 Share Pack. So what you can win is 1st prize with 100 VIP S7 Share pack, 2nd prize is 50 VIP S7 Share pack, 3rd prize is 25 VIP S7 Share pack plus 25 VIP S7 Share pack if your order is with Bitcoin.

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The Mining Sweden Bitcoin cloud mining service has finally made available regular mining shares, something that has been missing for quite a while as we have noted recently. The service was focusing on offering only more expensive VIP shares to users where you need to pay more for hashrate with an additional unknown profit expected sometime at a later time. The mining shares that are back now are in the form of 20 GHS packs with a 1 year contract that includes all power, maintenance and pool fees for the whole period. The 20 GHS Mining Shares package is available at a price of $13.80 USD or with other words $0.69 USD per GHS with no additional maintenance fees, so a better deal than the VIP Shares where you pay higher price for the hashrate, and while you may end up with higher profit at is still a riskier investment.

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