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MandelDuck, the developer of the free game SaruTobi that awards player with real Bitcoins for playing, has released a new game with Bitcoin Tipping feature called Game of Birds. This is kind of a parody mimicking the Game of Thrones franchise in its name, but the game actually does not have anything to do with the popular TV series, nor it is just another Flappy Birds clone. It is actually a fund and engaging game that requires some logic thinking and some experimenting until you reach the best way to free a trapped little chick from the bad owls that surround it. To free the little chick and let it fly away free you need to use different kind of bombs to get rid of the bad owls, but beware there are some more bad things around you – hungry Foxes, Zombie viruses and deadly Wild Fires. Then there are also some Bitcoins that you can spot scattered among the levels, collecting these award you with real Bitcoin tips that are currently in the form of 100 bits or 10000 satoshi per tip.

The previous game SaruTobi relies on the Xapo online Bitcoin wallet, so you have to enter your email address that is also the username for your wallet to get the Bitcoin tips. In their new game called Game of Birds the developers apparently decided to go for an alternative, s o they are using the Coinbase online Bitcoin wallet instead. In order to be able to receive Bitcoin tips while playing the game you will have to enter your Coinbase username which is also the email address that you used to register at the service. In order to get your Bitcoin tip or 100 bits (10000 satoshi) while playing the game all you have to do is destroy a Bitcoin coin that you see in the level you are playing.

The new Game of Birds game is only available for iOS devices, just like SaruTobi, as MandelDuck is developing games for the Apple mobile platform, so unfortunately Android owners will not be able to check the game out. Do note that it requires iOS 8.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. A word of warning, the game can be addictive, so be careful as you progress through the different levels the difficulty also increases. So just have fun playing and enjoy the real Bitcoin tips you can earn while you have fun playing the game.

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The Bitcoin payment service provider Coinbase has just announced their plans to stop their Coinbase Tip service that allows users to easily send Bitcoin tips to other people, to support projects or causes and so on. The Coinbase Tip service will be available by the end of March and meanwhile Coinbase suggests that users of the service migrate to the alternative ChangeTip. According to the service there are about 10 thousand users of Coinbase Tip, though they probably expected that the tipping functionality will attract much more users than what is has in the bit less than 3 months timeframe that it has existed and that is the reason they are shutting it down. Interestingly enough ChangeTip actually relies on Coinbase APIs for their tipping service, so no wonder they are the recommended alternative, not to mention that ChangeTip is apparently doing much better than Coinbase Tip.

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Coinbase tipping functionality has been available for a bit already and now there is a plugin that allows you to easily integrate the tip button on your WordPress blog. The Coinbase Tip plugin does require you to have an account in Coinbase to receive One-click tips that by default are set to 300 bits or currently around ~11 cents. The WordPress plugin allows you to quickly and easily integrate the tip button, but you can create it and copy the code manually from Conbase’s website and integrate it to just about any website easily. If you want to send a tip to a user you can do so by using either your Coinbase wallet or by directly sending coins to a BTC address from another wallet.

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