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European users have another interesting opportunity to purchase using Bitcoin from the German Amazon store thanks to the Austrian bitcoin start-up Coinimal. The service originally allowed users to buy crypto currencies or sell them and transfer the money via a SEPA bank transfer in Europe or to convert Bitcoin and send the money in your PayPal account, something that we have tested and can confirm works pretty well.

You can now also receive vouchers in exchange for your Bitcoins with the process apparently being entirely automatic. You need to send BTC to Coinimal, and after just 1 to 3 blockchain confirmations you should receive a voucher code immediately by email and there should be no fees at all for the conversion. You will be getting a standard voucher to top up your balance, which can be redeemed against purchases on the marketplace of the German Amazon making it possible to buy absolutely anything on for Bitcoin. For this service no verification is required, with only an email address, any customers should be able to purchase up to €5000 EURO of vouchers per day (€25 minimum order).

If you want to check out the Coinimal Bitcoin to voucher service yourself…