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BitCrystals (BCY) are Counterparty digital assets acting as both the game-fuel and the premium in-game currency in Spells of Genesis. BitCrystals were issued in a limited supply of 100 000 000 units and 70% of the total supply was offered for sale during the BitCrystals Token Sale. BitCrystals can be traded on the blockchain or used to purchase blockchain-based cards, playable within Moonga and Spells of Genesis.

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is the first blockchain-based trading card game: its storyline and in-game economy are both based on blockchain technology. SoG combines the aspects of a trading card game and an arcade game. Collecting blockchain-based cards to build the strongest deck and fighting your enemies allows you to evolve in a fantastic, Moonga-based world. The Spells of Genesis story is a blockchain allegory. The cards, depicting important projects and personalities from the blockchain ecosystem, are digital assets, purchasable with BitCrystals or other cryptocurrencies.


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Initially the supply of 100,000,000 BitCrystals to be used (burned) to create new card packs, game items or unlock special features in
Spells of Genesis. 70% were made available for purchase in the Token Sale and all BitCrystals left unsold will be burned at the beginning of October, 2015. 30% will be given to early supporters and contributors to the project as well as marketers, developers and the people who help the game grow in popularity. Some BitCrystals were sold to early investors prior to the Token Sale. The proceeds from the BitCrystals Token Sale will go towards the development of Gutenberg. Gutenberg (EverdreamSoft’s project code-name) is the platform which will burn BitCrystals in order to issue new card packs.

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