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The newest just released update to version 7.0 of the NebuTech BTMiner Nvidia GPU miner for mining Bytom (BTM) is available with improved hashrate with up to about 20% depending on your GPU and settings as well as some stability improvements, so definitely worth upgrading now. The full changelog of the new NebuTech BTMiner 7.0 is available below, but the performance and stability updates are the most important ones anyway.

NebuTech BTMiner 7.0 Changelog:
– Improved hashrate ~20%.
– Option to output long-format datetime strings.
– Option to output log to file.
– Removed -M option.
– Improved stability.

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The latest version 6.0 of the NebuTech BTMiner Nvidia GPU miner for mining Bytom (BTM) is available with some interesting and useful improvements along with a slight performance increase, so you might want to check it out and update if you are using an older version. Among the new features probably the most useful one for most people is the additional GPU status report giving you information about power usage, fan speed, core clock, core utilization. As far as performance improvements go, there is a slight bump in the hashrate with about 2-3% on some mining rigs (depending on the type of GPUs you have), we are seeing a bit of improvement on a GTX 1080 Ti mining rig.

NebuTech BTMiner 6.0 Changelog:
– Add API for status query.
– Add dummy web monitor.
– Add more GPU status report: power usage, core clock, core utilization
– Low-level parameter adjustment, improve 2-3% hashrate on some mining rigs.
– Runtime check for number of corresponding responses for submits.
– Improve console log format.

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Move away Antminer Z9 Mini, Bitmain is starting to sell the “full” Antminer Z9 that will supposedly offer 40000 Sol/s for Equihash mining at 1150W of power usage with deliveries starting at the beginning of September and priced at $3319 USD (PSU is not included). For comparison the already available Antminer Z9 Mini offered just 10000 at about 250W of power usage. On the other hand there is also the Innosilicon A9 ZMaster Equihash ASIC Miner that offers 50 Ksol/s at just 620 Watts of power usage, but at three times higher price and currently out is of stock.

Bitmain is currently showing only a rendering of the new device, not an actual photo, but it seems like two slightly longer Z9 Minis stitched together (maybe an extra chip or to per board). We already know that the chips used in the Z9 Mini are overclocking pretty well, so two Z9 Minis can easily reach 30 KSol/s at maybe about 700 Watts and three overclocked units can go for as much as 45 KSol/s with just about a Kilowatt of power usage. Considering this and the fact that the device apparently only has 7 PCI-E power connectors (6 for ASIC boards and 1 for the control board) we can easily assume that Bitmain may have achieved the high power usage with less chips that are already overclocked quite a lot. If they did do just that the price of the new “more powerful” units may not be justified and you should not be expecting to see a lot of headroom for improving performance like on the Minis.

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