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The GeForce GTX 750 Ti are performing quite well for Scrypt mining as well as some other algorithms when used with the cudaminer software miner, however there are other crypto algorithms that are not yet supported by the cudaminer, but can bi mined on Nvidia-based GPUs. One such example is Protoshares (Bitshares-PTS) where there are just a few pools and a few GPU miners available and not all pools and GPU miners are compatible with each other. So we decided to try the different pools with their particular GPU miner with support for Nvidia on a GeForce GTX 750 Ti video card to see what works best and where you can get the highest possible performance out of your hardware. The results below are from a GeForce GTX 750 Ti video card running at stock frequencies, overclocking migh help you squeeze a bit more performance from each miner…

PTS Mining Pool – GPU Miner Used – Hashrate:

upCPU - ominer - 568 c/m
Beeeeer - cudaPTSwin - 522 c/m
1GHS - PTSminer - 488 c/m
ypool - jhProtominer - 477 c/m
PTSpool - PtsGPUz - 379 c/m
ProtoSharesPool - PtsGPUz - 375 c/m

It seems that upcpu’s dedicated GPU miner that supports only their own pool is the fastest in terms of performance, however the pool is is Chinese, but since it does not require registration you should be able to easily figure how to work with it. Our favourite English language pool, though with a little less performance is 1ghs’s PTS pool that is also very easy to use. Have in mind that these results are from a GeForce GTX 750 Ti GPU based on the new Maxwell architecture form Nvidia, so on other CUDA-capable video cards the performance you get from each miner may differ. That is why we have packed all of the miners that we have tested in a single archive that you can download and try for yourself to see where your hardware will perform the best. Soon we are also going to be checking out the performance with AMD and OpenCL miners for mining Protoshares.

You can download the pack of Nvidia CUDA GPU miners for PTS on Windows OS here…


ProtoShares (PTS) now called Bitshares-PTS is an alternative cryptocoin that uses a new Momentum Proof of Work (POW) algorithm that is designed to be GPU and ASIC resistant, so you can only mine them for now by using the processor (CPU). There was even a $5000 USD bounty set by the developers of PTS for anyone who can prove it is vulnerable to GPUs or ASICs, so it is only CPU mining for quite a while for these. However there are already a few implementations taking advantage of Nvidia’s CUDA architecture as well as for OpenCL for AMD GPUs, though we have not yet tested these.

THe idea to use CPUs for mining is a good one if you are already mining with GPUs for scrypt-based coins and want to be able to fully utilize your mining hardware since the load on the CPU is minimal when mining LTC or other scrypt altcoins. When talking about CPU mining the first alternative crypto that comes to mind is the Primecoin and then the Protoshares, we’ve already tested what you can expect from a day of mining XPM and we are soon going to report on our 24 hour PTS mining results. Just don’t expect to have too high profit from PTS mining at the moment, it is just some extra that you can get out of the hardware you probably already own.

Protoshares (PTS) mining pools:

Protoshares (PTS) exchanges: