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The service offering users to sell their hashrate or rent mining rigs MiningRigRentals has added support for people willing to sell their hashrate in the form of Blake-256 and X13 as well as an option for people to rent minign rigs for mining crypto coins using these algorithms such as BlakeCoin or MaruCoin for example. Of course the service offers the quite popular at the moment X11 mining rigs as well as Scrypt, Scrypt-N and Sha-256, though these can also be found on other alternative services. If you are mining X11 or X13 algorithm coins or are willing to sell your hashrate in the service for example make sure that you are using the latest miners that offer the highest possible performance that were released in the last few days. Currently there are still not many rigs available for renting for Blake-256 mining, but since the interest in this algorithm is growing due to the recent merged mining support for BlakeCoin along with 4 other cryptos you might want to consider renting your hashrate for that algorithm. Though the interest in X11 and X13 mining at the moment also gives a good chance for people that are willing to rent their hashrate, as well as for people that want to rent some extra hashrate to get early on new coin launches with more hashrate.

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Atomic Trade is a relatively new and still not that big crypto currency exchange that has a bit different approach compared to other traditional crypto trading websites. Here you are stimulated to be active on the exchange in various ways and you get rewards for being an active member, including using the chat functionality of the exchange. And unlike other chats on crypto exchanges that are essentially trollboxes with not much of useful or helpful information, on Atomic Trade you can actually find some help and useful information from other members. You can even meet and talk with the exchange admin as well as some pool operators all while you are trading some crypto coins on the exchange itself.

The crypto currency exchange Atomic Trade does support trading of multiple currencies, including some newer and not so popular that you can hardly find on other decent exchanges. Among the standard BTC and LTC trading here you can also trade XPM, FTX, WDC, BLC, HBN, PXL, LOT, MED, FRK, SKC, UNO, VTC and ATP. We have discovered the Atomic Trade exchange while looking for good exchange for trading BlakeCoin (BLC) and since that we kind of liked it a lot and started trading other cryptos there as well. The ATP or Atomic Trade Points are the so called bonus points that you get while trading and generally being active on the exchange in various other ways, but the interesting thing with these is that aside from trading them on the exchange for BTC, while they are in your account balance they bring you profit from the trading fees collected by the exchange. So in a way the ATP are something like shares in the exchange that bring you dividends, and every 6 hours you get your bonus based on the amount of ATP you currently have in your balance. We really like the community that is forming at the Atomic Trade and would definitely recommend you to try it out, especially if you are trading alternative crypto coins such as BlakeCoin (BLC) among others.

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Photon (PHO) is a new alternative cryptocurrency using the Blake 256 Algorithm that is used for BlakeCoin (BLC). It is a new project designed to function well now and with future technology in mind. Photon is the second coin to use this unique design (modeled after Blake Coin) and may be merge mined in a pool with Blake Coin or other Blake 256 coins in the future. Currently almost every concurrency that exists cannot be merge mined in the same way Namecoin and others are with Bitcoin. Photon can be mined with the same modified miner for BlakeCoin GPU Miner that supports the Blake-256 algorithm.

Coins developers are working against each other instead of together right now. Photon is an attempt to change that. If you are digging in a mine for gold you would not leave silver, tin or other things of value around you would take them all. This is why Photon was created with the fast, light Blake 256 algorithm. This is the future. Scrypt coins cannot be merge mined. Most SHA 256 D coins cannot be either.

The Blake-256 algorithm hash rate is just under 3x faster on the GPU and just over 2x on the FPGA compared with Bitcoin. The reward for mining Photon does Not decrease over time, instead it increases with block height and difficulty. There are no restrictions on any platform as Photon does not include artificial *Security* or *Resistance* that reduce mining hash rate and power efficiency. The Photon network hashrate is currently over 200 GHS and continues to grow, so there is a interest from users apparently even though there aren’t big pools or exchanges for PHO yet.


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  • Blake-256 – faster than Scrypt, SHA-256D and Keccak
  • Each Block award is 32768 + inflation (square root of (difficulty * block height))
  • No reduction of block reward
  • Cap in place to reduce difficulty jumps upward
  • Block target time is 3 minutes and retargets every 20 blocks
  • Total of 90,000,000,000 coins
  • Block maturity 120


Source Code
at GitHub


  • RPC Port: 8494


Merged Mining Blakecoin + Photon Pools:

Atomic Trade