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With Bitcoin’s blockchain data files already over 50 GB in size and Litecoin’s blockhcain size approaching 7 GB there are some concerns rising about the rapidly growing in size blockchain of Ethereum. While BTC and LTC are already a few years old and established and used crypto currencies, Ethereum is still fairly new and in just little over 3 and a half months the blockchain size has already reached 2.9 GB in size. Now, imagine what will happen in a few years of use with the adoption rate and numbers of transactions increasing… it could easily catch up to the size of the Bitcoin’s blockchain. In fact the amount of data that the blockchains of crypto currencies take is starting to become an issue for everyone that is running a full local node and things will get worse as crypto currencies will need more and more space to store the data on your hard drive. This will make online wallet services and light wallets more attractive, but we do still need a lot of full nodes running in order to secure the network of any crypto currency. So not only the matter about the block size for Bitcoin should be discussed, but also the matter about the total blockchain size and that goes for other crypto currencies as well. It is even more of an issue with crypto currencies such as Ethereum that have faster block times, making them generate more blocks in less time.