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BlockChain is a technology that can and will most likely outlive the crypto currencies, unless of course something even better replaces it in the future. There are more and more services that are popping out that are taking advantage of the blockchain as a technology and may or may not actually use a crypto currency, though for the moment most of them actually do come out with their own crypto currency as well as a payment method for the respective service they offer. ZENNET is another interesting blockchain-based project that has set an ambitious goal to offer an alternative to the large cloud processing power providers such as Amazon, IBM or Microsoft for organizations that do require a lot of computer processing power. By relying on Blockchain technology and leveraging the unused computer power of normal users around the globe it should be possible to provide a more affordable alternative for cloud processing power for the people who need it as well as to make it profitable for ordinary people to earn form their unused computer processing power. They will have their own crypto currency called Zencoin that is supposed to help for the funding of the project and will be used for the payments.

The idea does sound quite good, but as with other new projects and startups in the crypto currency world it needs both funding and time to be realized before anything is actually released as a working system. The same thing applies for ZENNET, they are just starting to build upon their idea and below you can take a look at the roadmap plan they have made public. So if you find the idea interesting and want to invest into the ZENNET you might check their official website for more details, and a word of warning – as with all other kinds of investments you should proceed with caution as there is no guarantee of success.

ZENNET project roadmap:
– Q4’14: Pre-sale campaign launch. Core development.
– Q1’15: Core development. Worldwide corporate and academic marketing.
– Q2’15: Functional beta.
– Q3’15: Zennet release.
– Q4’15: ZenFS beta.
– Q1’16: ZenTube beta, ZenFS release.

Visit the official ZENNET website for more information about the project…