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The Miner Control tool, successor of NiceHash Control that has been developed by StuffOfInterest, is a useful piece of software for Windows users that want to make it simple and easy to mine the most profitable coin or rent their hashrate for the maximum profit without much effort other than setting thing up initially. The author of the original tool however hasn’t been working on it and adding new features for a while, not that the software is not useful enough as it is, but there are still some things that can be improved and added to make it even better. Thankfully the development has been picked up by Bombadil who has released his own improved version called KBomba-Mod (source) that adds some extra features and has further improved the tool. The best thing is that his modified version is fully compatible with the original config file, so you can just add the configuration that you are already using to the latest Miner Control v1.6.4 KBomba-Mod and it will work. Then you can start experimenting with his additions without having to waste any time to migrate to the new version.

You can download the Miner Control Tool v1.6.4 KBomba-Mod here to try it out…