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The Android mobile game developer Bitplay.Today has released a new free competitive multiplayer game that awards players with Bitcoins, the new game is called Bitcoin Basketball. The goal of the game is to make as much points as possible for a given time period and with a limited number of basketball balls and since you are competing with other real people based on your points ranking the first three places out of four get Bitcoin rewards. Bitcoin Basketball is very easy to play – simply drag your finger and aim your shot, release and score points, but keep in mind there is wind that makes it a bit more challenging to hit the shot. This is essentially the fourth game from that developer based on the similar concept of mini tournaments against other real people and with Bitcoin rewards. You will not get rich with BTC playing these games, but if you have some time to waste they can still be fun to play and you can get some satoshi while doing so. The previous similar game from the same developer was Bitcoin Hopper and prior to that there were also Bitcoin Crush and Bitcoin Flapper and you might want to check them out as well if you still haven’t.

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We’ve already covered a few games for both Android and iOS mobile devices that award players with BTC in some way and we have just discovered another such game. Oh Crop! by Loud Panda Interactive is a free game for Android-based devices (not available for iOS) with a simple concept where you fly around and try to avoid enemy plants trying to kill you, you can collect in-game coins and power ups that can help you survive longer and even kill enemies. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible and score as higher as possible. Oh Crop! comes with a simple and intuitive gameplay relying on the smartphone or tablet’s accelerometer or a virtual joystick for the movement of your in-game character. It is one of those simple, yet fun and addictive games and the fact that you can get some Bitcoins as a reward makes it even more addictive.


In order to be able to get BTC rewards you need to make it into the Top 15 best scoring players into the Leaderboard, the game apparently has cycles lasting a few days each with new Leaderboard for each. There is a reward that is split among the Top 15 players in each cycle and the higher you score, the bigger your reward will be. AS a reference, the last place in the Leaderboard can have something like 2000 score and gets a reward of about 3.5 mBTC and the top player scored over 12000 points for a reward of about 57 mBTC (1 mBTC is equal to 100000 satoshi or 0.001 BTC). Have in mind that as a novice in the game you will have hard time scoring even a thousand points, so you will need to get into the game in order to get in the Top 15 players in the leaderboard and be able to with some BTC as a reward.

In order to be able to get your Bitcoin reward, if you manage to get one, you will have to setup an account in the game. This is as easy as entering a username and an e-mail address, though the mail address is not required. You also need to type the BTC wallet address to which the rewards need to be sent, the easiest way is to copy and paste it in the respective field in the game otherwise you can easily do a mistake and type it incorrectly if you try to enter it manually. Unfortunately there is no support for a web-based wallet where you can use your email address as an ID for sending you coins or an integrated 2D barcode scanner to easily set your BTC address in the game.

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We’ve already covered the game Bitcoin Billionaire, essentially an idle clicker type game with a Bitcoin theme, but no actual BTC rewards that is available for both iOS and Android devices. Then there is also the game Sarutobi that we’ve also reviewed, available only for iOS, a mobile game rewards players with small Bitcoin tips. We wanted to find similar games that reward players with small amounts of BTC for Android as well and we’ve managed to find some, though not much. One such game is Bitcoin Crush, a Bejeweled type of game where you need to match diamonds and earn points for doing so and the other wan is called Bitcoin Flapper, a flapping bird type of game. Both games are from the same developer BitPlay Today and are free applications that reward players with Bitcoins for playing against other live people in tournaments.

The normal way of playing these games is by entering a tournament of four people and playing against other collecting points for each game, the higher the points, the higher you rank and there are rewards for the first three players in each tournament. The first one gets 300 satoshi, the second one 150 satoshi and the third one 50 satoshi as a reward with nothing for the last person in the tournament. You can also play in head-to-head competitions against another player (1 on 1) where the winner takes the reward or with other word 500 satoshi for the one that wins. The games are quick so you even if the rewards do not seem that much you can actually play quite a lot of games in no time, but you will not get rich quick with the rewards you get from the games. The idea here is that you can compete based on skill level against other live people from around the world and try to improve your skills and get small rewards in BTC. Better than just playing other games, especially if you love to spend your free time crushing gems just for fun, because the flappy bird game is simpler and actually harder and not that much people like to play it for long as they may actually suck at it.

In order to get the BTC you have earned by playing these games you need to collect at least 16000 satoshi in order to be able to request a withdraw and unfortunately when you do so there is a 5000 satoshi fee taken from what you withdraw. This is apparently linked to the fact that the coins are being sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet address and you have to pay for the transaction fee from what you have earned. You can also forget about playing all day long as there is also a number of maximum games you can play on a daily basis, as well as the number of head-to-head tournaments you can participate in. But then again it will not hurt checking these out and testing your skills against other real players. It also seems that the developer of the games plans to release Pro tournament versions of the game maybe later this month that would require an entry fee from the players, but will offer you the chance to win higher rewards as well.

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