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BitPay, a Bitcoin payment processor, has announced a new free plan which offers basic payment processing free-of-charge, forever, making it even more attractive for new businesses to start accepting payments in Bitcoin from their customers. The new free plan allows merchants to use any plugin, API, or app from BitPay’s library and the only difference as compared to the $300 USD monthly Business plan is the lack of phone support and Quickbooks sales integration. With the free plan you still get support, however it is email only. BitPay is aiming to have one million merchants accepting Bitcoin by the end of 2016.

Coinbase, another similar service, has been offering for quite some time a plan to merchants that has no fees for the first $1,000,000 USD in transactions, after that the fee is just 1% to instantly convert Bitcoin to cash. The idea for accepting Bitcoin payments is to lower the fees for the seller and thus the price for the end user as compared to the fees when accepting credit card payments for example. This should help widen the Bitcoin adoption as a method to pay for services and goods with the merchant still getting his payment in USD or another currency even though the client pays in Bitcoins.

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