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The first larger crypto currency exchange to enable support for deposits (address generation) as well as trading of the new Bitcoin Gold (BTG) fork is HitBTC. Trading markets for BTG are available for Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT, though the BTC market is the largest one with almost 2000 coins volume in no time. The current exchange rate of BTG is about 0.025 BTC per coin or about 150-160 USD, so lower than the initial trading before the actual Bitcoin Gold network went online. At the moment there are still not a lot of BTG coins available on the market due to the fact that most users still haven’t claimed their Bitcoin Gold coins they got for holding BTC in their wallets, so that can cause initial spike in price back to higher levels until more coins are available. Although the initial start of the BTG network was a bit slow and not without issues now things are apparently getting normalized and we should soon see more exchanges adding the asset for trading.

For more details about the HitBTC crypto exchange already trading Bitcoin Gold (BTG)…


Why BTG BitGem? It’s a cryptocurrency not extant until now. PoW scrypt and PoS like NovaCoin, but adapted to gem’s character, providing semi-scarce, precious and highly valuable currency properties. Mining a block you could to get up to 3 BTGs, standing the most representative gems: diamond, ruby and emerald… who would not want it?


Block Explorer / Crawler


  • PoW scrypt
  • PoS
  • Retargeting each 10 min
  • Difficulty adjustement each block
  • Semi-scarce: reward 3 BTG BitGems per block
  • Smoother reward adjustement, providing 3 BTGs as long as possible
  • Latest upstream updates from litecoin, ppcoin, novacoin incluided
  • Built with latest lib dependencies, enterenly with linux tool-chain
  • Installer provided
  • No premining, no dust, no crapping, just providing a critpocoin not extant until now
  • Simple 4Cs gemstone model implementation
  • GemWallet let to query your balance in gemstones with a lot of settings


Source Code
at GitHub


  • RPC Port: 8348
  • P2P Port: 7692