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The dreaded April 15th is here and instead of crashing even further the Bitcoin exchange rate is slowly starting to recover and may soon reach back the level of about $600 USD if things keep up going good. The PBOC did not come out and officially say that they ban Bticoin and other cryptocurrencies (at least for now) and the Chinese exchanges are working on alternative ways to enable their customers to continue trading with Chinese Yuans for crypto currencies. This does not mean that the Chinese will not try further to regulate crypto currency trading, but at least this crysis may be over for a while, or at least we hope so.


With all the panic in China regarding the trading of crypto currencies for cash that brought the price of crypto currencies down the BTCe crypto currency exchange has seen some potential in attracting new customers and has added Chinese Yuan trading options. The exchange now has two new trading pairs available BTC/CNH and LTC/CNH and also USD/CNH that is available only on their MT4 software trading platform that you can download and use for trading on the exchange. Since this is a new feature that has just been announced the trading volume is not yet significant, however in a few days it will probably grow a lot.

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