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ZeusMiner has started a closed beta testing of their new ZeusHash cloud mining platform, we have been using the old basic Scrypt cloud mining service they have been offering for a bit, the same platform that they used for hosted miners. So we are really looking forward in seeing what they have to offer in the new version after the closed beta test finishes, which according to them should take about a week before the platform is open for everyone. It seems that the new ZeusHash cloud mining platform will offer both Scrypt and SHA-256 cloud mining options and there will apparently also be a trading functionality to sell your hashrate. The prices are $0.889 USD per GHS for Bitcoin mining hashrate and $15.99 USD per MHS for Litecoin mining hashrate. ZeusMiner is still selling Scrypt cloud mining hahrate that will be allocated in the old platform for the moment, but once the new one is open it will most likely be moved there.

For more information about the new ZeusHash BTC and LTC cloud mining service…