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We are closely watching the Coin Magi (XMG) development as for the moment it is still pretty much the most actively developed alternative crypto currency that continues to be mineable with CPU only and there is no GPU miner for it available. The developers just recently announced the release of MagiPay, a Standalone Payment Gateway for Coin Magi. The ongoing development as well as the wide accessibility due to CPU mining is important as it allows pretty much anyone to be able to mine XMG on his own computer, though based on the processor used the results in terms of performance can vary. Still the ability to mine the coin on every computer and the fact that you can still mine it even though the current reward per block is lower (variable between 0.0001 mining fee and 50 XMG) that it was initially is what makes the coin attractive to a wider audience. Also the fact that the Coin Magi is traded on some big altcoin exchanges such as Bittrex and it has a pretty stable exchange rate does help to keep the users interest in the coin. There are currently five pools where you can mine XMG directly and a multipool where you can get paid in XMG.

To test what hashrate we are going to be getting on a modern high-end CPU we have tested the highest performing CPU miner available for mining XMG from Wolf0 on an Intel Core i7 5820K processor running with 12 threads on this 6-core CPU with Hyper Threading support. We have tested all the various optimized binaries of the miner on that processor to see what results we are going to get with each one and which one hash the highest performance, you can see the results below and you can also download the miner to try out on your processor from the link below.

Hashrate on Intel Core i7 5820K:
minerd-x64-athlonfx.exe – 115.68 KHS
minerd-x64-avx.exe – 116.98 KHS
minerd-x64-avx2.exe – 116.10 KHS
minerd-x64-avx-i.exe – 117.48 KHS
minerd-x64-bdver2.exe – crash
minerd-x64-btver2.exe – 117.72 KHS
minerd-x64-core2.exe – 116.92 KHS
minerd-x64-corei7.exe – 117.65 KHS
minerd-x64-generic.exe – 117.79 KHS
minerd-x64-haswell.exe – 116.26 KHS
minerd-x64-ivybridge.exe – 117.68 KHS
minerd-x64-nocona.exe – 116.31 KHS
minerd-x64-sandybridge.exe – 117.63 KHS
minerd-x64-SSE2.exe – 117.53 KHS
minerd-x64-westmere.exe – 117.70 KHS

Interestingly enough the difference in terms of performance between the lowest performing and the highest hashrate version is in the range of just about 2 KHS which is not that much. Another interesting find is that apparently the generic version of the miner does manage to get the best results on the 5820K CPU (Haswell-E) processor.

To download the Coin Magi (XMG) wolf m7m v2 cpuminer compiled for 64-bit Windows OS…