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If you think about URL shortening services, then probably you immediately think about or a similar generic service, however if you are into crypto currencies, then you should also know about CoinURL. This is an URL shortening service targeted at crypto currency users that not only will shorten your URL, but will also allow you to win some crypto coins by shortening URLs in the service and then sharing them through IM clients, posting on Forums or Facebook and so on and people click on them. When you click on a link that has been shortened at the service you will be briefly shown an advertisement that will most likely be something about crypto coins, before you are transferred to the page you should be visiting. If you shorten URLs and post them using this service you are essentially getting paid thanks to the ads that the people clicking on the links are seeing, so the more clicks you get, the more BTC you will earn from them.


Aside from the link shortening that it provides and the ability for normal users to win Bitcoins by shortening links and sharing them, the service also has useful features available for people that want to advertise to people interested in crypto currencies. The fact that the URL shortening is targeted to mostly crypto users makes it the perfect place to advertise your new alternative crypto currency that just launched, a crypto mining pool, cloud mining service, or a crypto related blog. Furthermore if you have a crypto coin related website or blog you may also publish crypto currency related ads provided by CoinURL and when people click on them you will also earn Bitcoins.

If you want to advertise something on you will need to deposit some BTC in your account on the website, then create your ad and pay for a number of impressions with the Bitcoins. There is a review process after you submit your ad that may take some time, our test show that sometimes it could take a day or two before your ad gets approved, but generally it should be faster. And the results from a few thousand impressions were pretty good, we promoted a bit this blog as a test for the service. So if you think that you can combine the usefulness of this URL shortening service with the chance to earn some extra cryptos, then we advice you to give it a go and try it out now.

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