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After earlier this year Wirex has added support for Litecoin and has resumed their crypto-powered debit bank cards things are really moving for the company with the latest announcement being the addition of support for Ripple (XRP). This means that you can store Ripple’s XRP coins in the Wirex wallet and spend them via your debit card just like you can with Bitcoin and Litecoin already. It seems however that currently there are some limitations and full functionality is available only to users within the European Economic Area (EEA)…

Here is what you can do with the new XRP wallet:

– Easily convert XRP to fiat and spend with your Wirex card*
– Buy, sell, exchange and deposit XRP in-app
– Link the wallet to your debit or credit card
– Exchange 50 supported altcoins with XRP
– Exchange between USD, GBP, EUR, BTC and LTC*
– Enjoy free crypto transactions between Wirex users
* Only available to EEA users

Wirex reminds that full access to the innovative features on their app is only available to verified EEA users – so, if you want to enjoy the benefits, you need to get verified now. It only takes two minutes according to the company, but be prepared for more; all you need is proof of ID and a selfie.

Fore more information about the Wirex crypto-powered debit cards and the new Ripple (XRP) support…

Wirex has started relaunching their services with a new Visa debit crypto powered cards that can currently take BTC (Bitcoin) and LTC (LTC) and be spent via the card after you convert them to fiat. The company has been shipping their new plastic cards to customers for a bit already and we are happy that we managed to get ours pretty quickly delivered, activated and now ready for some shopping (testing). The new feature called Cryptoback is what we are eager to test out is essentially a reward scheme that gives you back 0.5% of each in-store purchase back in crypto, so a nice little extra. The cards are Wirex branded Visa Debit, contactless and apparently issued by Contis from UK. So if you are looking for a convenient way to spend BTC and/or LTC just like you would with a normal bank debit card, then you might want to check what does Wirex offer you.

For more information about the Wirex crypto-powered debit cards and the Cryptoback feature…