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The CoinGecko crypto ranking services has added a new Crypto Derivatives raking to their website. The new CoinGecko Derivatives section features vital metrics for derivatives products such as perpetual swaps and futures. In traditional financial markets, the derivatives market is huge, with the total notional amounts outstanding for contracts estimated at over $500 trillion. The crypto derivatives market holds tremendous potential yet to be realized, so having a tool to help you track crypto derivatives data could really be helpful and CoinGecko is doing a great job providing you with one.

The new Derivatives page offers an overview listing all cryptocurrency derivatives products, first segregated by product type (perpetual swaps, futures, and soon options as well), and then sorted by open interest and trading volume. There is also a handy little chart for you to quickly compare Dominance in terms of open interest and trading volume of each product. After that follows the Derivatives exchange overview that offers an aggregated view of all derivatives exchanges in one table, sorted by open interest. On the Exchanges pages now you also have a Derivatives listing that offers an aggregated view of all derivatives exchanges in one table, sorted by open interest. Also now looking at the profile page for each individual exchange you can see Derivatives data with key metrics such as open interest and trading volume for it.

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OnChainFX is an interesting free service giving you an interesting and useful research tool for different crypto assets with an option to choose what type of information to be shown for the supported coins/tokens. Currently the service lists a little over 100 crypto assets, but be wary it is not a crypto coin or token listing service where you pay to get your project listed, the available assets are being hand selected. Besides obvious indicators such as price and current market capitalization, the service has some interesting information such as Y2050 marketcap and much more statistical data that you can enable to be shown additionally to help you in your research of a coin or token listed in the service. There is useful information such as all time high (ATH) or days since ATH, GitHub development activity tracking, ROI by year and others. We recommend that you give it a try when looking for some new potentially interesting crypto projects to get into. The fact that everything is in the red now in the world of crypto should not stop you from looking deeper into new potential game changing projects that you can take part in.

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Checking the market capitalization of crypto currencies is working quite well for older and established coins, however when a new coin launches it can temporary move to the top places in terms of market cap and that can be misleading. So using a bit more advanced algorithm may be helpful in providing a more realistic information in terms of crypto coin popularity than just the current market capitalization alone. And a new service called CoinGecko was just launched that evaluates cryptocurrencies by looking at more core metrics beyond just their market capitalization. The service is still in Beta stage and currently evaluates 24 cryptocurrencies based also on their developer activity, community team and liquidity. And with just a quick look you can see that there is difference as compared to only ranking based on market capitalization.

The custom ranking algorithm takes into account things like:
– Reddit/Facebook/Twitter subscriber count.
– Liquidity volume across multiple exchanges and trade pairs.
– Github stars/watches/contributors/issues/forks/pulse/merged pull requests.

Obviously having a bigger and more active user community does play an important role for the value of a currency and for example Dogecoin may not have such a high market capitalization as Peercoin, but has a larger community around it and is ranked 3rd by CoinGecko while at the same time the market cap of DOGE secures it the 5th place. So definitely an interesting project to keep an eye on, especially with more coins being added and new interesting ones being launched.

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